Terms and conditions of DNA’s support forum 


You must enter a nickname and an email address in order to send a message. The nickname appears when you post publicly. The email address is not shared with other visitors to the page and it is not published in connection with the post. 


The email address provided by a person is stored in the database of DNA or DNA’s partner maintaining the service. The email address is only used for sending notifications related to a message sent by a person, when the message has been answered, for example. Other personal data, such as a customer number or a phone number, should not be included in messages. A person’s data is deleted from the database of DNA and/or DNA’s partner maintaining the service at the person's request or at the latest after one year when the message is automatically anonymised.  


No messages or material that violate the law or good practice may be sent to the forum. Content that violates good practice includes inappropriate and offensive comments and materials, defamatory, racist or obscene writings and other publications, as well as spam and mass postings. In addition, material that violates the rights of a third party, such as intellectual property rights or trade secrets, may not be published in the forum. Advertising and impersonating another person are also prohibited. 


Users are responsible for the material and content they publish and post as well as the opinions they express. DNA is not responsible for the content of the messages presented in the forum or for their consequences. DNA has no obligation to monitor the content of the forum. However, DNA has the right, at its own discretion, to alter or remove any inappropriate material from the forum. 


The user's IP address is stored in the service when the chat service is used. DNA has the right to block the use of the forum on the basis of an IP address or an email address if the person has violated these terms or the law or good practice. 



Personal data is processed as described in DNA's data protection policy . In addition to these terms and conditions, DNA's general terms and conditions apply to consumer customers.