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14115 message

Hello. What does it mean when I get a text message from 14115 saying "message cannot be displayed"? My phone is not smart.


  • Hello Jimi,

    if your phone doesn't support multimedia messages (MMS), your device will receive a text message from number 14115 with the text "message cannot be displayed" ("Kuvaa/viestiä ei voi näyttää" in Finnish).

    If you're receiving a lot of these error messages, we recommend you block the number in your settings or upgrade your phone to a newer model.

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Thanks Linda, that's what I thought. But is there no way to find out who is the sender of an undeliverable MMS? Some phone companies at least give the number of the sender along with the failed display message. Some even send a link with a code so that the MMS can viewed online. None of this with DNA? It would be nice to have that! (Not everyone welcomes smartphones.)
    Thanks again.

  • Hi Jimi,

    I understand very well that you would like to be able to get information about the sender or get a link, since you cannot open the MMS message with the phone that you have got.

    Unfortunately we don´t provide that kind of service anymore. We had many years ago the link, where the customer could go and view the MMS online if the customer did not have a smartphone, but not anymore. We inform our customers also at this webpage: (unfortunately only in finnish) that it is not possible anymore to receive MMS messages online with DNA subscriptions. So the only option would be to get a smartphone later on, if you would like to receive multimediamessages.

    I wish you a great day though, and a sunny Spring!
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Ok, kiitos apuasta. Mukava kevät sulle myös!

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