I have an iPhone 11 and on iOS 14 but every time i try to put it into my device and start it up it says it is not compatible with my carrier


  • Hi Michael,

    Sorry to hear about the problem. Is the iPhone bought in Finland and do you use an ordinary, physical SIM card (not esim)? Does the same SIM card work in any other phone or tablet, could you please try? If the SIM card works in another device, then you would know that the SIM card at least is not faulty and the problem must somehow be related to the device in that case. If the SIM card is faulty, it can be changed if you have a postpaid phonesubscription or a registered prepaid subscription.

    If there would be further troubleshooting needed regarding your own DNA subscription, please contact DNA Customer Care and then this can be checked more thoroughly.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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