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Activation of DNA Super Prepaid from abroad.

Hello, when visiting recently Finland I bought two different prepaid sims cards. I never got the chance to activate and use my DNA Super Prepaid. Now back home, can I activate it by putting it in my phone?


  • Hi Marcio,

    yes the prepaid card can be activated by putting it in the phone and by making the first call.  Notice that if mobile data is activated all the time in your phone, there´ll be charged  0,99 e/ day for internet. If you want to use mobile data with it every day, I recommend that you order a data package to it, through the DNA Prepaid application or at . If you don´t want to use mobile data, you can just deactivate mobile data in your phones settings.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi

    I brought a DNA Mobile Data Prepaid sim when I was in Finland last month and would like to use it when I return this month.

    I have put credit on the sim via but I do not know how to stop and start packs.
    Ideally I would like to know SMS commands for functions such as
    and so on.

    Many thanks
  • Hi Marcus,

    thank you for this feed-back, I'll forward it as a development proposal.

    Now when you´re using a DNA Dataprepaid subscription, it is not at the moment possible to pause it or stop it. You are able to check the balance at in Finland though.

    When the customer buys a DNA Rajaton Prepaid - type of subscription ( which is for calling, sms:s and internet) , it is possible to pause and activate the line (balance) with SMS commands.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi,
    I bought DNA Rajaton Prepaid SIM card at Helsinki airport and activated it with my iPad mini at the Helsinki airport.
    Then After arriving in Germany I turned "cellular Data", "Data Roaming", and "EU Internet" on,  and there are five black dots with " 3G" on the display. But when I opened Safari, the message "Could not activate cellular data network/ you are not subscribed to a cellular data service" is on display and I can't coonect to internet.
    could you tell me how to activate Roaming in Germany and Sweden? Do I need Username and password to APN Settings?

    Many Thanks

  • Hi Tom,

    the APN should be "internet", the username and password can be left blank. You can try to choose the roaming carrier manually, the options in Germany are Vodafone D2 and O2, so try to change the carrier to O2 in the mobile data settings.

  • Hello,

    I used my DNA Simcard for 2.7 years in Finland. now I am in Germany and I can not call anyone with it!! I charge both data and calling just 1 hour ago and I receive the SMS for that, but it I ca not call anyone with it !!! after 1 sec, it will disconnected.
    Could you please tell me what is the problem?

  • Hi Pixi,

    when a DNA Prepaid subscription is recharged, the amount should usually be directed to your DNA Prepaid balance within 5-20 minutes, but sometimes there might be a longer delay, however at a maximum up to 24 hours. If you still cannot call with your subscription even though you restarted your phone and use some of our recommended 3G networks Vodafone or O2 in Germany ( check , you could contact DNA Customer Care ( for instance by e-mail at and give your DNA Prepaid number) so that this could be checked more thoroughly.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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