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B715s-23c how to port forward

I have just upgraded to a Huawei B715s-23c and have a public IP address. . I also enable UPnP as I understood that was also a requirement.

What I Can Seed is the Way Forward to the Port.

If they are a range of TCP / UDP ports, what are they going to be in the Huawei B715s-23c should they be added?


  • I seems Chrome turned the above into total garbage so I'll try to add it again....

  • I have just upgraded to a Huawei B715s-23c and to use a public IP address I need to use the julkinen APN and enable UPnP both of which this device supports out of the box.

    I wish to make port 25565 open to the internet but am not sure how to proceed. Are there a series of standard TCP/UDP ports that should be opened and where and how in the control panel of the Huawei B715s-23c do I add those?
  • Hi!

    You can access the port forwarding options on the settings page and there should be "lisäasetukset" or "advanced" to choose from, probably close to the UPnP settings. Which ports need to be opened depends on your situation or what you're trying to accomplish. We are not very familiar with port forwarding here as it's very device and game specific information. If you aren't able to find the settings you're after, please contact the device support HS-Works (for DNA customers) at 0600 305060 (2,33€/min + local network charge). You can also search the support forum for "port forwarding" to see what others have found helpful.


    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • I got it working in the end. I had enabled UPnP and the public IP option in the new Huawei device but it wasn't working. I was talking with one of your colleagues on the phone in relation to another matter and he mentioned using bridge mode and the LAN/WAN ethernet port on the back of the device (port #4 in this case). I wasn't aware that setting the device into bridge mode means that effectively only one device can connect to it but I had another router in the house that I then connected to it and added the port forwarding inside that second router and things are not working

    Placing the device in bridge mode effectively disables client connectivity for the first device, or at least that is my understanding and you need to swap ethernet cables around in order to be able to login to each router to make any further settings changes or check for updates etc...

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