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Bad Customer Service! Customer Service complain

Last Friday, I purchased a mobile package name Lattenetti 180 days, cost 29,90 euro via MobilePay. But after I paid for the service, it appeared error message and I didn’t receive any receipt or confirmation message from DNA. Later on, I contacted the customer service phone number via DNA Prepaid App, at 17:01 PM, at that time, the staff member said that he saw my payment and the package was activated on my phone number, he said that I would receive the receipt confirmation message later today, and there must be a delay caused to this. However, a few minutes later, the internet didn’t work on my phone, I contacted the service again, and this time, the staff member said that he couldn’t see any payment that I did or any internet package activated on my phone. I was very shocked when I explained to him about my case, his behavior was UNACCEPTABLE. He asked me ‘’Do you understand what I said’’, it’s like I’m an idiot and I didn’t understand anything from him. Of course, I did understand and I told him that I just contacted the phone number and the other staff member told me I just needed to wait for the receipt and I didn’t have to do anything. I was very angry that the second staff member thought that I didn’t understand anything and he had an UNACCEPTABLE customer service behavior. When I told him to check carefully, he said he contacted another staff member and contacted me back. So, as he said that the package was paid but it got canceled because DNA didn’t receive the payment, therefore, my purchase was automatically canceled and I would get the refund back in 3 days.
I was very shocked. I want to ask questions, first, why was the package automatically canceled? but the first staff member said it was just a delay, the information was misinformed here! Even from a customer service staff member, I was very disappointed. Second, why the other staff member didn’t get information about my case? When I called him back, he didn’t know anything about my issue at all!
Then on today morning, a customer service consultant called me to ask about the payment if I had received it or not. I said no, then he informed me that the payment may return to me in 1-3 days working day, that’s why I didn’t receive the payment because I made the fail purchase on Friday. He told me that he would check with the MobilePay and the system more information and sent me a text message when I could get the money back. During the phone call this morning, the customer service consultant was really sure that I would get the refund because the payment was failed. At 13:45, I received a text message
However, 15 minutes later, I got a confirmation message that my purchase was successful and the data package is activated in my phone subscription number. I was really shocked because I thought that my payment was failed and I would get the money back, until Wednesday at the latest. The customer service consultant did not tell me anything that the purchase could be successful and if everything is gone through, I will not get any refund back! Even in the response email, you sent to me last Friday, you also did not tell me anything about this either.
I called back the DNA customer service immediately after I got the confirmation message, the other customer service consultant informed me that because the payment has gone through, and the data package is activated in my phone subscription, therefore, there is nothing she can do, and there will be no refund to me.
I am truly angry and disappointed with the service, I have been misinformed many times by the customer service. I thought that I would get my money back and everything would be OK. I have decided I won’t buy any mobile package from you again, because of the very bad customer service that I got, and also being misinformed by you. The problem is, I did not know that the purchase might go through the system, if I was informed about the payment could be successful, I would say NO and tell you to refund the money, I don’t want your service. However, now I got the service that I don’t want, it makes me very angry. I have made lots of phone calls just to get my money back and now it ends up that I don’t get the refund back and I got the service that I don’t want. This is totally unacceptable!
I don’t know if this complaint email can improve the situation or not. But I highly demand you to give me an acceptable response or take any responsibility for my situation! Please give me your solution for this matter, I am willing to know what you will do in my case.


  • Hi LD,

    I am truly sorry about the inconvenience caused in this matter and that you experienced that you didn´t get a good customer service. I also understand that all this must have taken a lot of your time and effort.
    This is a public online page and we cannot handle any private customer cases here online. So I need kindly to ask you to contact . You can just copy this message that you have written here at this webpage (so you do not need to write the text all over again) and please in the e-mail attach the prepaid telephone number that this concerns, your full name, and then your case can be handled.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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