Balance of Prepaid subscription

Hi. I just got a notification that the balance of my Prepaid subscription is less than 3 EUR. But when I ran the USSD code, it shows "Your Account balance is 14.59 EUR. Airtime expires Oct 20,2022".

Could you please explain why I have 2 different balances for my subscription?
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  • Hi Carol!

    Prepaid balance can consist of "ordinary" balance but also bonus balance. When you send the balance request by textmessage: SALDO to number 14600 (or when you call the Prepaid service number 0800 412 582) , both ordinary balance and bonus balance is included in the balance reply. At the page and in the Prepaid application, there's specified how much bonus-balance you have. You will not be able to use bonus balance for calling service numbers etc, but it is possible to call for instance ordinary normal priced landline- and gsm- numbers with the bonus balance. You might have received  bonus balance if you have registered your prepaid or sometimes when it has been recharged with a specific amount of money.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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