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Call rates to numbers with prefix 00 / 990

I made a few phone calls to a number with prefix 00, followed by +800.
I guess this number is a US number but not exactly sure.
What rate is charged in this case? And what about prefix 990? Thanks.


  • Hi!

    Traficom (Finnish Transport and Communications Agency) says the following:

    "To make an international call, you can dial either the international prefix 00 or an operator-specific prefix for international calls. The operator-specific carrier access code allows you to select the telecoms operator of your choice."

    I also found the prefix you mentioned 990 on their website and it seems to be a Telia prefix. Here's the website

    0800-numbers are free numbers in Finland. For example our Fault Reporting Service number is 0800 300 500 and it's a free number to call. If the number you called was this type of 0800-number, it wouldn't have cost anything.

    Hopefully this helped!

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hi Saara,

    Thanks for the info.
    What I was confused about is the number 00+800xxxxxxxx & 990+800xxxxxxxx.
    These numbers appear to be toll-free, but they are also international numbers.

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