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Cannot call numbers starting with 200

I need to open a bank account but my number cannot call the bank number (starting with 200)... They need to reach me back about my application process I wonder if there is a problem about my number accepting calls with it also
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  • Hi!

    I think you mean a number starting with 0200 as there are no numbers starting with 200 and that makes it a premium number. In order to call premium numbers from a postpaid subscription you just have to check that you haven't added a premium numbers block on your subscription. We can check this for you if you give us a call at +35844 144 044. If you're using a prepaid subscription you just need to add credit to your prepaid in order to make calls to premium numbers. Neither one of these subscription types have any blocks for incoming calls from any numbers. Just as long as you don't block the number in your phone settings, you should be able to receive an incoming call from any number.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant

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