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Cannot call to abroad

Hi I just want to know why I can't make a call abroad.?


  • Hello Andrew,

    there could be multiple reasons why you cannot call whilst abroad.

    Your DNA subscription should automatically choose a local network operator. If it does not, then you can choose a operator manually under your connection settings in your phone settings. If you're within the EU/EEA, you can see our partner operators on the bottom of this page: 

    If your phone still cannot connect to a local operator, you may have chosen to barr roaming or calls/messages to certain numbers abroad. These restrictions can only be removed by our Customer service.

    If you cannot call our Customer service, you can contact us via our website chat or over email on the address (if you have a postpaid subscription, please make sure you identify yourself with your name, address and date of birth/customer number - or - if you have an non-registered prepaid subscription, make sure you provide us with your phone number). If you're able to call us, please contact us on +358 44 144 044.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant

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