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Can't access my router settings.

Hi, I'm trying to log in to my router settings at but the credentials don't seem to work.
In my understanding it's supposed to be Username: Admin and Password: [the password code written on my modem].
What am I doing wrong?


  • The default username and password to access the administration page is indeed written on the device's label. If any settings have been changed, you can reset them to the default ones by resetting the whole modem back to factory settings. Do this by pressing and holding down the small, recessed "reset" button (in the back) for about 30 seconds while the modem is turned on.

    Please make sure not to confuse the admin password with the WiFi-password by accident.

    What modem model type do you have?
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Thank you for the reply, but it seems I got it working.
    It appears the password was just 1234, which I got from some other answer that I managed to dig up. Probably what the default one is when I reset the thing.
    Thanks for the reply!
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