Transfer of ownership of a DNA phone number

The change of ownership of a DNA postpaid phone number can only be done as a number transfer. 

The current number owner can give away their number to another person by giving their permission at the DNA Kauppa-store, by signing an official power of attorney or through the "My DNA"-application. Please note that the new number can only be accepted/received by the new owner at a physical DNA Kauppa-store. Find our DNA Kauppa-stores here:

At the DNA Kauppa-store, the new/future owner chooses a new subscription and gets a new SIM-card. The old subscription in the previous owner's name is simultaneously terminated, even if the old subscription was on a fixed-term contract at the time.

The number transfer process can be done three alternative ways:

1. Both the current and the new/future owners visit a DNA Kauppa-store together and request a number transfer with both parties present.

2. If the current owner isn't able to accompany the new/future owner to the DNA Kauppa-store, the current owner can instead sign an official power of attorney (download here), which the new/future owner can bring with them to the DNA Kauppa-store.

3. Alternatively, the current owner can give their permission to the number transfer via the My DNA-app, which is valid for 30 days. Click for more detailed instructions here.

If the current owner has given their permission through the app or by signing the official power of attorney, then the future owner can visit a DNA Kauppa-store alone and make a new subscription for the number in question.

The number transfer costs €10 and is charged on the new owner's invoice (see price list here).

DNA Linda L Customer Consultant (Updated )
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