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Check balance, change language

Hello, I purchased a SIM card for an older, non-internet enabled phone. It was the one that costs €7 and includes €5 credit, or something like that. I think this is DNA-Super?

I have three questions:

1. How can I check the balance? Is there a website I can go to and enter the phone number/PIN code? I tried going to the DNA mobile prepaid site, but I m using an iPad with a different SIM card, and it gave the information for that one. Maybe there is a number I can text?

2. Can I change the language of the messages that DNA sends me?

3. Assuming I can do these by texting, is there a charge for those messages?



  • Hi Annie!

    You can check your prepaid balance by calling the prepaid user service at 0800 412 582 (free of charge, even from abroad), by texting SALDO to 14600 or by typing *100# in your phone app and pressing "call". You can also use the prepaid website as you did with your iPad but it will only work if you're using the SIM-cards own mobile data.

    When calling the prepaid user service, you can change the language you want the service to be in and by choosing English (options are Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian) you will also receive messages in English. You can also check the validity of your prepaid number when calling the user service.

    The user service is free of charge, texting SALDO to 14600 or calling the number 0800 412 582.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Thank you, Saara
  • When I check my BALLANCE on iPhone 6+  I can not understand French language how can change in English
  • We're sorry for getting back to you so late. We've had technical difficulties with this forum for the last few weeks.  

    You probably already solved your issue, but in case you haven't, I'll answer you now anyway. Open the DNA Prepaid app. Select the three dots on the bottom menu, which opens up a new menu. Choose the last option (it should say language with globe icon), then just select a new language.

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Since i never receive my monthly billings for my purchase of cellphones and tablet may i request again thru e mail
  • Hi Lina,

    if you would like to ask about your own invoices, please contact DNA Customer by e-mail at (and please identify you in the e-mail with your date of birth, home address and contact telephone number) or by calling 044 144 044.

    You can see invoices also at the self service point;
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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