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I recently added Cirkus to our channel package.  Selection is great, but two issues:
It's had some serious performance problems on the STB - every minute or two the image would freeze but the audio would continue. Almost as if it is having bandwidth issues, though this is definitely not the case.
Also, it seems like I can watch it through the DNA TV app, but (unlike most of the rest of the DNA TV content) I can't cast it to a Chromecast. Any chance of fixing that?


  • Hi Edwin,

    at the moment the Circus program library doesn´t have support for Chromecast or AirPlay, let´s hope there'll come some changes to this.

    Regarding the problem that the image freezes and the audio continues; have you checked that you have got all the latest update versions and have you checked that your internet service is working fine otherwise when this happens? If the problem continues, you could contact DNA Customer Care 044 144 044 for troubleshooting.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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