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Data Roaming in the middleeast countries (Saudi Arabia and UAE)

Hello DNA support team,
Could you plz elaborate more on how to use my prepaid SIM in the middle east countries (Saudi Arabia and the UAE).

Also, is it possible to have a data plan package overthere?

Many thanks!


  • Hi!

    You can use your DNA Prepaid SIM-card abroad. The price for calling, sending SMS and using data differs between countries and you can check prices for each country with our price checker at .

    Here are the prices for Saudi Arabia and UAE:

    Saudi Arabia
    Local calls: 3,001 €/min
    Received calls: 1,677 €/min
    SMS: 0,285 €/piece
    Data: 11,172 €/MB

    Local calls: 3,001 €/min
    Received calls: 1,677 €/min
    SMS: 0,285 €/piece
    Data: 0,149 €/MB

    Using data outside of EU is more expensive and there aren't any packages for data or calling outside of EU. If you do wish to use data abroad, please allow data roaming from your phone settings and you're good to go. Keep in mind that all usage is charged directly from your prepaid credit, so top up enough credit to cover the usage. If you need any more information, you can always give DNA Customer Care a call at 044 144 044 or contact via email at

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant

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