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I just bought a new Rajaton Prepaid 4G SIM. I put the SIM in my phone and downloaded the app, but when I try to open the app it says that 'my subscription is not a DNA Prepaid subscription'. I have turned off WIFI and VPN and the DNA SIM is my primary SIM. What can I do?


  • Hi Adithi,

    I recommend that you at first now unsubscribe from the app ( in the app, choose "Muut" ( the three dots that you can see down in the screen) and choose to unregister there, then remove the app from your phone.
    Then make the fist phonecall with your new prepaid subscription or make some mobile data transfer with it so it for sure gets activated. After that, try to install the prepaid app again and register to the app.

    I hope this help will be useful. If the problem would continue after 24 hours, after that you also made your first call with the prepaid subscription, please contact DNA Customer Care in that case.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • I cannot find the muut option because the app does not open at all, it just stops at the very first screen saying that I do not have a prepaid subscription. I have used the number for some calls and data already and the issue remains.
  • Hi Adithi,

    ok , however you tried to remove the application from the phone and install it again from the App Store / Google Play store?

    I also assume that you are in Finland right now , it is not possible start using the app abroad. Also if you have VPN active, that must be deactivated when you register to the app.

    I think you need to contact DNA Customer Care for further troubleshooting so that the matter can be investigated though your prepaid phone number. You can call 044 144 044 or send an e-mail to and I hope the problem gets solved.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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