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DNA cable network updates

DNA is updating cable network frequencies in all regions where we have a cable network during this spring and summer. The last update was done in the Oulu region at the end of May, and up next on Tuesday 9.6 (by 15:00) are Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. Newer TV’s and digiboxes automatically pick up the channels when the device is restarted after the update. If yours does not, please restore the factory settings of the device (see the user manual for instructions). If a software update is available for your digibox, it is a good idea to run the update beforehand.

Restoring the factory settings does not delete recordings, but if you have scheduled later recordings, you will need to reset those. Any favorite channel lists also must be set up again. If the channels are still not available after restoring the factory settings, please check the antenna cable and connections, as e.g. faults in the cable or outlet might show up only after the update. In that case, please detach the antenna cable and possible splitter and reattach them after a while. If needed, you can also try another antenna cable. The antenna cable should be max. 4 meters long and not extended in any way.

Part of the channels will be aired on parallel frequencies for about two weeks after the update. This is a way to ensure that the main basic channels are still visible, even if the factory settings have not been restored immediately after the update. These channels are Yle TV1, Yle TV2, Yle Fem, Yle Teema, MTV3, Nelonen, Sub and JIM, as well as the radio channels received on digibox Yle Puhe, Yle Mondo and Yle Classic.

The cable network update is done to improve the network capacity, enabling us to offer e.g. a wider range of HD channels and more capacity for high quality cable broadband. Simultaneously, some of the payable channels switch places to make the setup clearer for the user.

How the update affects you:

  • Restoring the factory settings of a digibox does not delete recordings
  • Recordings scheduled for a later time need to be reset
  • Any favorite channel lists are to be done again
  • If the DNA TV app (previously DNA Welho MatkaTV and DNA Welho Viihde) is used in a digibox, you need to login again after restoring factory settings
  • Some channels change places


  • Can't find the German channels any longer, are they in one of the parallel frequencies?

  • Hi Heike,
    did You also try to restore the factory settings before You searched for all the channels again. And any favorite channel list must also be set up again. If the channels are still not available after that please check the antenna cable and connections and possible splitter. More information about how You can restore the factory settings can be found at: .

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi. After a factory system restore I was able to find all my previous channels but one. TNC is now in a "none" category area and the signal won't lock in to play.

  • Hi John,
    You can check if You can find the TLC channel at channel number 139 and also if You can see the names of some channels that belong to the same group, for instance Animal Planet. You could try to do a factory system restore again and search for the channels. Are You able to see channel number 14 (Hero)? In that case the factory system reset should have succeeded. You can also try another antenna cable. If this does not help, You can also contact DNA Customer Care for further check up.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Strangely I could already see Hero and Animal Planet after the first factory system restore and changing the cable didn't work so I did a second factory restore as suggested and voilà there was the missing Nordic TNC! Everything is working fine now, thanks!

  • Hi John,
    I am glad to hear that the problem got resolved, have a nice weekend!

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Plss how do i get access or enter the factory data settings to reset it if my password x changed by my younger brothers nd cannot recall
  • Hi Alex,

    How to reset the device depends on what kind of device you are using, the instructions for factory reset can usually be found in the user manual for the device.


  • Pls Mr Customer consultant the device is HERO DIGI BOX
  • Dear Alex,

    I´m sorry we don´t have any specific device support at this public page for Hero digiboxes. Can you find any reset- button on the device? Please press that down for about 20 seconds and you´ve done the reset. If you cannot find that button, you need to find instructions for your Hero digibox how to do the reset. We are also co-operating with the device support HS -Works, you can also call them at 0600 305060 (1,98e/min+mcc/Inc)
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
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