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Hi, I arrived in Germany this morning, with my mobile dna number and it can't find the signal, there is no bar, and internet and calls are disabled.  This is a problem because I can no longer log in with my phone number because I am not receiving messages or calls and I cannot surf the internet.

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  • Hi Vanessa,

    sorry about the delay with this answer, we are not always able to answer quickly here at this public online page. I hope you already found a solution to the problem.

    However, in Germany we have roaming agreements with T-Mobile and 02: https://www.dna.fi/euroaming-in-english If your phone doesn´t find one of these operators automatically, you can choose some of these manually in your phones' settings. Also try to restart your telephone completely. If that would not be helpful, you can test if the SIM card is working in some other phone.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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