DNA Kotimokkula B715


I'm currently trying to get internet thanks to your "DNA Kotimokkula 4G+ WiFi B715" that I've had for a while. It has worked before but I can't manage to make it work now sadly. I have a new simcard with 5G from FREE (in France).

I think i've done everything correctly but I can't manage to figure out the last part. I've taken some screenshot to try to explain clearly where I'm struggling. I first get that "Connecting to the Internet" but then it seems it's failing to connect.



François-Victor Lanza


  • Hi!

    Apologies for our delayed reply.

    Since you're using a SIM-card from another operator, you'll need to consult them on any possible APN settings etc to get your connection working. DNA Kotimokkula devices are not SIM-locked to DNA so you can use them with any SIM-card but you might have to manually change the settings according to the operator you're using.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant

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