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DNA Mokkula

I am trying to set up a DNA Mokkula 4G LTE WLAN S. Please help!


  • OK. The SIM card is inserted. The battery is charged. I see the network and connect to it with my laptop. I am asked for an 8 digit WLAN password. Fine so far.

    Now I am on a DNA page. I am requested for an administrative password and I enter the 5 digit number. So far, so good.

    What happens next? I try to access an Internet page and get an error message, something like 'no data'. The Mokkula router says: SIM not present. Searching for network....

    Somewhere along the way, I am asked for a user ID and PIN code, but I cannot fill that in because I do not have a user ID.

    (We have to go through this with my iPod touch and the other computers in the house, so I would really appreciate help.)

    Thank you!


  • BTW: IE11 freezes; when the DNA page (log in with admin password), it is in some other browser, but it does not function properly there.

  • Hi Karen!

    The user ID can be left blank. The standard PIN code for any DNA subscription is 1234. Once you have entered it once, you can remove the PIN prompt, in order to connect automatically to the internet in the future.

    After that, it should be working really. Please let us know if there are any other problems!

  • OK. The SIM card is inserted. The battery is charged. I see the network and connect to it with my laptop ( mac ). I am asked for an WLAN password. Fine so far.

    Now I am on a DNA page. i try to connect , but always there is written:
    please topup your prepaid.

    on my just bought data prepaid tablet 3 g - 4 g verkossa,

    Somewhere along the way, I am asked for a user ID and PIN code, but I cannot fill that in because I do not have a user ID.

    (We have to go through this with my iPod touch and the other computers in the house, so I would really appreciate help.)

    Thank you!

  • Hello!

    If it says "topup your prepaid" you are probably using a DNA Dataprepaid subscription, and the data on the sim card has probably run out. If you haven't used the internet at all with this SIM card i recommend you contact the customer care at 044 144 044 so we can look into the matter.

    If you are certain that you have used up your data you can do a topup at this adress:

    [EDIT: link updated / DNA Emma 24.7.15]

  • kiitos kiitos,
    nyt kaikkia toimi hyviin !
    minä soitan 044 144 044 and i got all information!
    I had to cancel my old prepaid data before install the new one.


  • How do I add minutes to prepaid Mokkula?

  • Hello AH.

    You can purchase a voucher at R-kioski shop or visit


  • I purchased a voucher now I don't understand how to load the minutes on the device?

  • Hello AH.

    You can call us at 044144044 or you can do it yourself here:


    [EDIT: link updated / DNA Emma 24.7.15]

  • How can i change my DNA mokkula passowrd?

  • Hi Ujef!

    It depends on which type of Mokkula modem you have, but generally, both the admin password and the WLAN password can be changed at the admin site http://dna.mokkula. The default admin password needed to make changes varies for the different models, but should be available in the quick guide (12345, 1234 or admin, usually).

    Device specific instructions can also be found in Finnish at

  • Hi, I´ve a DNA mokkula internet and i try to install on my lap macbook pro 10.10.1 and it´s not working, could you help me pelase.....
    Thanks in advance

  • Hello Rosa.

    Unfortunately there is some compatibility problems with our mokkulas and the new OS X Yosemite software from Apple.

    The problem should be fixed sometime this week, you can manually download the Mobile Partner software as a temporary fix:


  • Hey Juuso,
    Unforunately didn´t work, actually the download came with damages and destroyed my pen .
    So any other help?
    My mokkula is E353 HSPA+


  • Hello!

    Can you please give us a call at 044144044 or send us an email with your customer details to so we can investigate this further.


    [EDIT: contact info updated / DNA Emma 24.7.15]

  • I wonder now internet is very bad or low in nokia if my next bill will also be lower!!!?

  • The comment has been moved to a separate post.

  • Hi Eddy!

    For invoice questions and technical issues, please contact the customer service directly at 044 144 044 or palvelu(at), so we can look into the specifics of your connection and get to the bottom of the problem.

    [EDIT: contact info updated / DNA Emma 4.7.15]

  • Hello,

    i am trying to install DNA mokkula 4 G E3372 on my mac (10.9.5). 'Mobiililaajakaista ohjelmisto cannot be opened because of a problem.' In the shop they reassured me that it will be working on my computer. Can you help?

    Thank you, Herta

  • Hello Herta!

    There have been some problems with this device and Mac computers lately. There is however a download fix available.

    If you visit and scroll down to where it says "Mokkula ei toimi MAC 10.10:ssä (Yosemite)" and press a file can be downloaded to the computer that should fix this issue.


  • Hello,

    thanks for your answer. I tried that yesterday, couldn't install the downloaded file, received the message that it is designed for Mac 10.10 (not 10.9.5). I will try it again today, maybe your link is updated. Disappointing since I specifically asked whether there are problems with the device used on Mac in the shop. Friendly but probably uninformed service, a broken leg makes me a bit less flexible and troubled by that error. I'll post if it works.

    Br, Herta

  • Hello again,

    the link is not opeining - same problem: it briefly appears to open, the disappears. one option would be to update to 10.10 and try the link again?

    Regards, Christiane

  • Hi Herta,

    there have been issues with that model and Yosemite (10.10), so that is why the link specifically should be a fix for those issues. To our knowledge, it has worked with 10.9 without any problems. Does the error message give you any other information about what the problem is?

  • Hi,

    the link given by you as the mokkula appears to open and disappears immediately - i never got to proceed with the installation process.

    I never got any error message when trying to install your link. I got an error message twice in the beginning when trying to install the mokkula, after those 2 tries an icon appears and disappears, no error message anymore. Unfortunately I don't remember the whole error message.


  • Sorry if I was unclear, I was referring to the error message you mentioned earlier, but I understand if you don't remember it. If you connect the mokkula to your computer and go to http://dna.mokkula, can you access that page at all? If not, can you find the mokkula listed as a separate CD-drive (HiLink)? If so, you should be able to manually start the installation by clicking that.

  • thanks for the quick answer!

    http://dna.mokkula doesn't open either - it opened first, then didn't find the server, tried several times on safari and firefox. the cd-drive is not to find anywhere.

  • ok,

    went offline and connected the mokkula. tried to open the dna.mokkula link once more and it worked. also the internet started to work immediately without feeding any salasanaa / käyttäjätunnusta. dna.mokkula finds the mokkula, on my computer I find the downloaded HiLink file.

    so the HiLink downloaded from your link (Mac1010 zip) is showing as an icon, i still can't open it (appears and disappears). is that how it is supposed to work? i might try what happens when i delete it from the computer.

    dna.mokkula page didn't allow me to feed in my käyttäjätunnus & salasana, that worked out on the page i got when signing the contract:

    do you understand what went wrong in the beginning, or what fixed the problem? am curious how the connection will work from now on.

    best regards, christiane

  • and thanks for your help!

  • The dna.mokkula page is for administrating the connection, like e.g. changing network settings. For regular day-to-day usage, you do not have to log in there at all, you can just go to whatever web page you like once you're connected to the internet.

    The username and password you have received is for our self service at, where you can check your subscription information, invoices etc. The login is not the same.

    Since the HiLink is specifically for 10.10, it probably will not work for your 10.9 at all, so you should be able to just remove it.

  • where is the admin password of DNA
    how to find it

  • Hi Kevin!

    It depends, what kind of device do you have?

  • its Huawei mobile network

  • internet is working properly
    but I can't change my password
    it every time shows to put password
    where is the admin password???????????????

  • If you are referring to the admin password for the admin site at http://dna.mokkula, the default is 1234.

  • thanks

  • DNA Mokkula 3G/4G LTE WiFi Sierra toimii todella hitaasti macbook prossani, mutta samaan aikaan windows 8:ssa supernopea. Onko tähän jotain fixiä?

    Terveisin & Kiitos

  • Hei!

    Nopeus pitäisi myös olla suurin piirtein sama, suosittelisin tarkistamaan että Macissä on uusimmat päivitykset asennetuna.


  • Hi!

    I am a foreign student. 2 months ago, I signed up for DNA internet service simcard that takes me 14 euro per month to use unlimited internet data. Now I want to change that service to normal DNA simcard that takes EUR 0.066 per minute or text message and can get the most from 3G and 4G speeds for only €1.916 per day.

    How can I do that? And could you tell me more about the fee of 3G and 4G? For example, if I use more than 1G data of internet connection in a day, it will take me €1.916. But if I use less than 1G, it will take me some money per 1 Mb.

    Thank you,

  • Hi,

    your message doesn´t say what the name of the subscription is, but if you now have e.g. Veppi 4G perus 13,90e/ month, then you are not able to change this line into a phone subscription. A postpaid subscription cannot be changed into a Prepaid subscription either.

    The prices for DNA Super Prepaid are the ones that you mentioned, 0,066e/ minute and textmessage and you pay at the most 1,916e per day for internet usage. You can buy a Prepaid package at the nearest R-kioski. The price per Mb is 1,525e . There are also internetpackages that you can buy separatelly to this Prepaid line, for instance a 100Mb internetpackage (valid for 30 days) would be 4,90e.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello,

    I have been asked now several times to update my router firmware and the issue is that i have tried with admin username and standard password 1234, but it shows incorrect password or username. I do not remember if i ever changed that username or password in the past.
    How to reset the password in that case?

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Hi,

    Depending on your router the default password is 1234 or admin. Please contact customer service at 044 144 044 if you still cannot log in.


  • I can't remember my DNA mokkula 4G MF910 4G login, what can I do? I want to change certain settings. Any Help Please... Thank you.

  • Hi Nana,

    the login address for the MF910 mokkula is http://dna.mokkula and the original password is 1234.

    If you have changed the password and don´t remeber it, you can restore the factory settings in the following way:

    -Connect the Mokkula. Open the SIM card cover. On the other side of the card cover there is a small reset button. Hold this button down by pushing the button with a pen, as long til you can see the "resetting" text in the LCD screen. Then let go of the button, and the factory settings are now valid again. Now you should be able to log in with the original password.

    I hope this advice was helpful.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • I can not connect to the site mokkula to configure the router ZTE mf80.
    My browser does not open the page dna.mokkula. I try with Mozilla and Opera browser.
    What can i do? Help Please... Thank you.
    Network card appears on the screen, and the phone device appears connected via wi-fi but below it write disconnected and I have no internet acces.

  • Hi Claudiu,

    Does the mokkula work at all right now? You should be able to connect to the mokkula by connecting to it via Wifi and going to http://dna.mokkula. If you can't connect to it via Wifi, please try to restart the mokkula. If you have further questions, please contact DNA customer care by phone at 044 144 044 or e-mail


  • I live in Uusikaupunki, Hakametsä and I wonder why the internet signal here is so terribly bad when DNA is supposed to have the best signal in the area. I have tried moving the ZTE wifi router everywhere in the apartment, even on the balcony and I can't get more than 2, maybe 3 bars. Downloading is very slow, I can't have more that 1 application on at the same time (i.e. an online game and a stream) and worst of all there is no DNA shop or any other representative whom I could ask for help, eventhough technical service would cost very much. Any ideas how to boost the ZTE signal to 5/5 bars, as it should be? Its really tough to go from a 100Mbps land line to a wifi setup with speed from the early 2000s...
  • Hi Mike,

    please contact our customer care at 044 144 044 so we can check your information more thoroughly and come up with a solution for this.


  • Is this still the admin site for  changing your dna mokkula password? http://dna.mokkula
  • That link seems to be down. I'm not able to open the admin site on my laptop or phone even when I tried with different browsers. Any solutions on how to log into the admin site? Thank you
  • Hi John,

    please tell us the name and model of your Mokkula device ( for instance 4G wlan MF286, 4G wlan E5577.. ) and we can give you the instructions.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • 4G wlan E5377
  • Hi Kevin,

    the settings page for 4G wlan E5377 is http://dna.mokkula . User name is admin and password is 1234. This is the right address for the page. It should work if your Mokkula is originally bought from DNA and you should be able to access this page when you for instance connect your computer to the Mokkula , so that you either used wired connection ( test to connect the USB cable from your computer directly to the Mokkula) or when you connect your device to the Mokkula using wireless connection and the Mokkula wifi password.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi
     I got new huawei p20 lite phone 3 days before from dna and fall of my hand and their is little scratch on the back of the phone can the fix.
  • Hi!

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your phone! Unfortunately the warranty does not cover this kind of break, but you can visit the DNA Kauppa to find out how much it would cost to fix it.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • I have a DNAmokkula A813e7.
    Paying for mbps 30+ mgbits speed ++
    Today as every other day speed tests show 3-8 NOT GOOD.
    Still paying for modem per month - can I have this one replaced.

  • Hi Mark,

    I recommend that you would contact DNA Customer Care +358 44 144 044  for troubleshooting, so this matter can be checked more thoroughly and checked if there would be ways to make your DNA router and DNA internet service to work better.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • I am traveling and staying in Finland from Japan and I am using wifi router of huawei. Partially I can use, but the screen that says "Welcome to DNA mobile broadband" show up on my browser. Even though I filled in the passwords located on the label, it says the password is incorrect... What can I do?
  • Hi Yoshinori Sawada,

    if your internet connection is through DNA, please reset the modem. Do the reset when the modem is on, and press down the reset button for 20 seconds. After that, restart the modem and the original passwords will work again (those that you can see on the sticker).

    If you would need further assistance with your DNA internet connection and router, please call DNA customer care +358 44 144 044 so that your case can be checked out more thoroughly.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Please I recently purchased the mifi but recently when i noticed a × sign just before the battery indicator and since then i ct connect online. please what does the ×sign mean and how do i stop it so i can connect online.
  • Hello, could you please specify what device you're referring to?
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Help! I just got a new pc and im not even using the dna mokkulla but it shows this whenever i try to search something! Someone help me get rid of this please!
  • Hi, Are there something wrong with the sim card internet connection in Hakaniemi area? The connection stopped every 30mins today. I am using DNA Prepaid sim card and Huawei B715 modem.
  • Hi Mems!

    We're sorry for getting back to you so late, we've had technical difficulties with this forum for the last few weeks.

    Sorry to hear about the problem you were experiencing with your internet connection, hopefully this is no longer an issue. But if you're still experiencing these issues with your connection, please don't hesitate to contact DNA Customer Care via phone at +35844 144 044 so we can take a closer look at your connection.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hi,
    I'am trying to get a connection with modem mokkula 367L6B, the sim is in the modem, but there isn't internet connection.
    The internet page says no sim card....
    Can you help me?
  • DNA Kotimokkula B715

  • Hi Ila,

    please try to remove the SIM card from the mokkula, and then insert it again. After that, turn on the mokkula router and then press the reset button down ( with a pencil for instance) for at least 20 seconds. After that, try to restart the router again and see if it then gets the ip adress.

    If the problem continues, you must try the SIM card in some other device. If the SIM card works fine in some other device, you know that the problem is not the SIM card or the subscription, but there might be some fault with your router or the settings of your router.

    If the SIM card on the other hand does not work in any other device, please call DNA Customer Care so that your subscription can be checked.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi Linda,
    Already tried everything you wrote.
    The SIM works fine in other devices.
  • Hello Ila!

    Since the SIM card works in another device, the problem is not with the SIM card or the subscription. This means that the problem is with the device the SIM card does not work in. DNA Kotimokkula B715 has a 24 month warranty from the date it was purchased from DNA. If you still have warranty left on your device, please visit DNA Kauppa (DNA Shop) for more information on warranty repair. You can check for DNA Shops in your area here .

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • My DNA mokkula mifi is telling me to sign into my network and the password is always wrong when I'm looking at the password on the mifi itself

  • Hi Ademoyejo,

    please reset the router (press down the reset button for 30 seconds when the modem is on) and after the reset, the original username and password for the settings page (and also the original wifi password) will work again.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi, there
     I Bought  mokkula 2months ago from DNA. Now its not working. Can't open also. Is there any problem?
  • Hi Thu Myint,

    please try to reset the Mokkula, so when the modem is on, press down the reset button for 30 seconds. If the Mokkula doesn´t work after the reset, please remove the SIM card from the Mokkula and test the same SIM card in some other device ( phone or tablet). That way you can check if there´s some problem with the Mokkula device itself, or the SIM card/subscription.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • il mio huawei b818-263 dna non riceve aggiornamenti software sono fermo alla versione e mi servirebbe il volte qualcuno può aiutarmi
  • We do not offer support in Italian and we do not purposefully sell the DNA version of the Huawei modem to any other countries as it's only in Finnish and meant for our Finnish mobile internet network customers.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Err, I just bought the DNA branded B818-263 in France from "LowCostMobile" and it won't let me update the firmware from to either.

    Why are you selling these to foreign resellers?
  • And how can I get the firmware to update? I have the binary for a local install, but your version of the router accepts it, starts updating then says "Update Failed"

    The reason why this is important to me is that where I am only the 700MHz band allows decent upload speeds, but that band has relatively poor download speeds. I would like to be able to specify that band coupled with 1800 and or 2600MHz, but the firmware version doesn't allow that.

    Why are you not providing any firmware beyond I'm sure there are security consequences of not doing so.
  • And a factory reset just sets it back to basic DNA settings, so I had to go and set up all my stuff again. Still no update... Is there any way to root these things?
  • Hi David!

    DNA does not sell DNA branded devices abroad because there is no DNA network abroad and DNA branded devices are set for DNA network. If you're having trouble with your device, please visit the shop you bought it from and ask for local help there. You can also try the manufacturers support pages for help.

    Rooting the device is not recommended. This will automatically void any warranty the device might have.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • So, given I have a DNA device that somehow got sold abroad how do I get a firmware upgrade? How do *your* customers get a firmware upgrade? Are you ever planning on upgrading the firmware?

    Given they seem to be on sale in other countries, I'm guessing you've discontinued this device and there will be no ongoing firmware support. Is that about right?
  • Hi David!

    It's unfortunate that you've purchased a device that is specifically branded to DNA, unfortunately we cannot limit what customers do with their devices, if they sell them forward etc. With a quick Google search I found that sellers are offering either locked or unlocked devices, meaning that some are still branded, some aren't, at least this is my understanding.

    Regarding the update - there is no difference in the method of updating the device whether it's branded or not, it's always done through the router's web-based management page. You can find the address and password on the device. If you cannot login using the password, please reset the device. If no updates are available, then there are no available updates and there is nothing we can do about it from here.

    All of the devices that DNA sells, still get updates when necessary and your device is no exception. However, if no update is available when checking the router's web-based management page, then no update is available at the moment. There might be updates available in the future. You can always contact Huawei for more support on the matter or if you want to know if there are any alternative methods for getting your device updated to the desired firmware.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Thanks for your response. I do have a local .bin file which does start to update (as described above on the 10th of June). So having access to the web management console is no help (and the automatic update doesn't find an update after either).

    I'm guessing the .bin file I have isn't signed by you as it's probably from a different provider, so fails (but ordinarily it would check the signature at the start, whereas mine fails after about 30 seconds).

    So, I guess my final question is just whether you think you'll be providing any firmware updates any time in the future. It's a shame to have such a powerful 4G router with external antennae etc and not be able to take advantage of its full potential.


  • Hi David!

    Unfortunately there is no way to know whether the device will be receiving an update in the future or not. This information is not available. Updates are released when necessary, to ensure that the device functions properly, supports any new features that are launched or to fix issues. For reasons unknown, this device hasn't got an update for this feature to be enabled and we don't know if it will get such an update at some point.

    You can always contact the manufacturer of your device to see if any updates will be available for this device and if so, how can you get them. Other than that, there really isn't anything more we can do from here.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hi I live in kankanpää, Finland and right now its impossible to use WIFI on my computer. I think I can still use it on my phone. But even now, it shows a strong signal. I connect or try to use WIFI and it just say that there's no signal. I have tried to reboot the router, it's not just my computer.. Maybe because its summer and the heat is messing with the signal?
    It's either that or something is wrong. The signal keeps going away at strange times. Its connected to my computer right now but won't let me actually access the internet.
    I hope it's not a problem with the company or a problem with my computer but if it is, I'd like to know about it.
  • Hi Helene!

    Your message indicates that there is a problem with your WiFi connection that sometimes works on other devices but not your computer and at times doesn't work at all. If the connection works fine with other devices but not your computer, the problem is with your computer. If the WiFi does not work on any device, the issue is with your router.

    Have you tried resetting the router by pushing down the reset button for 30 seconds? This will reset the device and all the possible changes you've made to the WiFi settings. Try connecting your devices to the WiFi after the reset, you can find the WiFi name and password on your router.

    You can also try connecting your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable just to see if the connection works normally with a wired connection. If that works but the WiFi (wireless) does not work, then the problem is only with the WiFi on your router, internet connection is fine.

    Routers and modems bought from DNA have a 24 month warranty policy so if the problem is with your router and it was bought less than 2 years ago, you can take it to the DNA Kauppa (DNA Shop) and they'll send it to service for you. Please try the above before doing this because the reset might fix the issue.

    If you've already tried the above and aren't sure if the problem is with your device or you need help with troubleshooting the problem, please give DNA Customer Care a call at 044 144 044 (Mon-Fri 8-18, Sat 9-16:30) and we can help you sort this out.
    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • I want to reset my mokkula router and I want English Language! How to do this?
  • Hi Abu!

    Which Mokkula model do you have in use? Here are the instructions for all our Kotimokkula homerouters: . Usually the reset button (a small hole where you can see the text "reset" ) is behind the modem, where you can see all the other ports. When the mokkula is on and has got power, press down the reset- button with a pencil for 30 seconds and then the reset is done and you have returned the mokkula to its factory settings.

    When you sign in to the settings page ( username admin and password either admin or 1234 depending on the model) , the settings page opens. There you can see all the settings that you are able to change for the modem. Please not that it is likely that you cannot change the language to English if you have an older Mokkula, but for the newer models, the change of language should succeed.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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