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DNA prepaid internet in spain

Hey guys im traveling to spain next week and i was wondering if i can use my prepaid dna simcard in spain madrid i mean the internet package If not what can i do ?Help asap


  • Hi,
    your message doesn´t say what type of prepaid subscription you have, but if you have got the DNA Super Prepaid subscription, you can use it for calling and for internet in Spain as well. If you have bought a separate additional internet package for your DNA Super Prepaid package, the internetpackage is valid only in Finland. You can use internet abroad as well, then the datatransfer will be charged from the main balance of the subscription. The dataroaming limit is 60 euros. You can use the operators Telefonica, Vodafone  and Orange in Spain with the DNA prepaid card.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Same case as above and I am sure my sim card is having super prepaid subscription.

    Aditya Kumthekar
  • Hi Aditya!

    So just make sure to recharge the DNA Super Prepaid subscription so that you have got ordinary balance enough, and you will be able to use mobile data also in Spain.

    You can find the latest, updated information regarding EU roaming here: . You can see here, that DNA Super prepaid however nowadays includes 0,3 GB/day EU data and the Tehonetti 30 days datapackage includes 5,4 GB/30 days EU data.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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