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Hello there,
I have that question: I travel from Turku to Stockholm ... so if i buy this DNA PREPAID SIM CARD for internet only will I have roaming ?

Is this prepaid sim card (only internet) work in Sweden too ?

Thank you !


  • Hi Valentin,

    Thank you for your message and sorry about delay in answering to you.

    Unfortunately the data roaming does not work in DNA Super Prepaid.

    Please note that if you buy a new DNA Super Prepaid just before your trip to Sweden, you should activate the new SIM-card through user service before leaving Finland, as activation does not work from abroad. Speech and sms services work normally in most countries with DNA Super Prepaid.

  • Thank you for you'r answer !

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  • Can I have a pre paid SIM card at ARN airport DNA counter which will work both in Finland and Sweden.self will be in Meriehaman for 3 days and 3 days in Uppsala
  • Hi!

    the subscription needs to be activated in Finland.

    You can purchase a DNA Prepaid SIM-card for your phone and use it in Finland and Sweden. There are two different types of Prepaid subscriptions for your phone - DNA Super Prepaid and DNA Rajaton Prepaid. DNA Super Prepaid does not include any data, minutes or SMS (pay what you use) and DNA Rajaton Prepaid includes data, minutes and SMS (in Finland) for a price of 0,89€/day. You can read more about the different types of Prepaid subscriptions and data packages here

    The price of using data abroad depends on the type of Prepaid you have and the type of data package you've purchased. You can read about the EU roaming prices for data here (EU-data fair use quotas with DNA Prepaid subscriptions).

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hi there i wpuld like to ask it is possible to use my dna rajaton prepaid in sweden?And also the data usage is the same rate as in finland?
  • Hi Jonel!

    DNA Prepaid subscriptions also work abroad so you can use your DNA Rajaton Prepaid in Sweden. Using data in other EU/EEA countries costs 0,0056€/MB (5,60€/GB) and this is taken from your Prepaid credit. Please make sure you have enough credit on your DNA Prepaid subscription to cover the cost for the amount of data you wish to use in Sweden. You can read more about EU roaming here (in English) Our partner network operators in Sweden are 3 (Hutchison) and Tele2.

    You can top up your subscription at or at R-Kioski.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Does DNA  simcard work in Gambia cuz I’m planning to go to Gambia in March for a holiday for one month
  • Hello,

    the phone subscription works in Gambia, however prices are higher.

    Calls cost €3.001/min, receiving calls €1.677/min, SMS are €0.285/pc.

    Please note, that data costs €11.172/MB. For our postpaid subscriptions, we have a standard data limit of €60/month, so that limit would be used up after about 5 MB (the limit can be increased or decreased via our Customer service).

    As data is quite expensive, we recommend you turn off data roaming in your phone settings.

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant

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