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Dna super prepaid

how much would cost me to use my prepaid while in Italy, if I want to call a mobile fone in Finland? The same as if I were in finland? And why if I want to call from Finland to Italy while I'm in Finland it costs me over 50c a minute? I thought that after the roaming revolution of last year things were going to be cheaper but instead everything has become more confused.


  • Hi,

    When you call and send sms:s while you are in other EU countries (and usage is withing fair use limits and roaming is periodic) there´s charged according to the domestic pricelist for those calls and sms:s. You can find more information about EU roaming here:

    If you on the other hand call from Finland to other countries, you're not "roaming", so you will be charged according to the international call price list (  and then the price for calling to Italy is 0,527 euros / minute to a mobile number and 0,315 euros to a landline number.

    The purpose of the change 15.6.2017 was that customers travelling in EU countries should be able to use mobile communication services either at the domestic price or against a small surcharge added to the domestic price. So therefore the pricing is different if you call from Finland to other countries.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi,
    I recharged mi card a couple of weeks ago with €10 and I haven't turned on my data and now I have €4 left.
    I just  turned it once

    I checked everything and I don't know why you just keep charging me.

  • I turned it once and it charged me €2 for using it a couple of hours*
  • Hi Maria,

    do you have a DNA Super Prepaid subscription or DNA Rajaton Prepaid? If you have a DNA Super Prepaid and haven´t ordered any data package to it, the mobile data daily fee is 0,99€/day if you turn your mobile data on.

    If you on the other hand have got a DNA Rajaton Prepaid, the daily fee for this prepaid is 0,89€/day even though you would not use the line at all, so this type of subscription suits you if you use internet and calls every day.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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