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DNA TV and number of devices

on how many different devices (pc, mobile, tablet) can I install and see DNA TV on.


  • Hi Jorgen

    On five different devices and then you are also able to view the DNA TV channels simultaniously with all those devices.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hei,
    I have now started such a 3 months free subscription on DNA TV.
    2 questions:
    a)Does this also include the RECORDING function, or shall I pay extra in the first 3 months if I activate this separate function.
    b)In case I decide not to continue with the DNA TV after the 3 months free period, how can I then terminate the subscription? Shall this be done just latest the day before the 3 months expire?

  • Hi Jörgen!

    We cannot check your specific subscription but usually this deal includes the recording functionality. Normal price for DNA TV is 3,50€/month and DNA TV + recording is 6,90€/month.

    You should inform us of termination one month prior to the desired termination date. If you contact us later than that, the termination will occur at the end of the following month.

    If you want to check or terminate your subscription, please contact Customer Care at 35844 144 044 or email

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant

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