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DNA TV hub - all streaming jerky and unwatchable

I've put this off for too long and it has been doing this since day one (8/2018).

When trying to play any streaming services on my TV hub the picture jerks and never plays smoothly. So, Netflix, Areena, Ruutu, YouTube, etc. If I cast anything to the hubbi, the same. It is unwatchable.

DNA TV is fine for watching live TV.

Watch any recorded DNA TV programme *via the hub* and playback is jerky.

The reason I have put this off for so long is that I have a Chromecast and can watch all streaming via that, **including recorded programmes via the DNA TV app** from a phone or tablet. However, I have decided that as I am paying for the hub, all functionality should work.

I have a Valokuitu Plus connection (1GB) so that plays no part in the problem at all. The fact I can cast to my Chromecast from another Android device also proves this.

I have seen this same behaviour trying to stream on other hardware. It is nearly always because the hardware is not powerful enough. Given that I can't find this same problem constantly posted in this forum, it can't be a problem with all hubs.

The hub has had all updates installed when available. These have made no difference.


  • Hi Christian!

    I'm sorry to hear about this issue you're experiencing with your DNA Hubi device. It does sound more like a problem affecting your Hubi device specifically instead of a widespread problem as I haven't heard of such an issue until now. Also the fact that it's been this way since the beginning, the internet connection works fine with other devices (even casting to Chromecast works) and you've installed all the updates to your Hubi and it still doesn't work, supports this reasoning that the problem is with this Hubi device.

    If you're currently using a wired connection, you can always try the wireless connection or vice versa. When using wireless connection, you could try with the two different wireless frequencies as well, they're probably shown as 2G and 5G on your modem. Testing the before mentioned would let us know if there is any problem between the modem and the Hubi. Even though the internet connection works well with other devices, it doesn't rule out a possible issue between the modem and the Hubi. Live TV channels are shown on the Hubi via the antenna cable and aren't connected to the internet connection as such. If the problem persists with any type of connection between these devices, there is nothing more we can try ourselves.

    The DNA Hubi has a two year warranty and it's well under two years now, so the best approach to fixing this issue would be to take the device to the nearest DNA Kauppa (DNA Shop). They can send it to be serviced and either the problem will be fixed or the device will be switched to a new one.

    Please don't hesitate to contact DNA Customer Care via phone at 044 144 044 or email if there is anything more specific you want to go over or anything more we can help you with. You can find the nearest DNA Kauppa here just write your address in the bar where it says 'Hae osoite tai kaupunki' (search with address or city) and you can see all the DNA Kauppa in your area and also the opening times etc.

    Despite this issue, have wonderful New Year!
    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Thanks for your reply. I hadn't considered trying the wifi instead of wired, so I logged into the 5G wifi and found an improvement in some apps. Though the jerkiness was small now, it was still distracting. HBO's picture was still awful.

    So I think I'll need to take the hub into a shop to get looked at.

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