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Hi, we received our replacement DNA hub a few days ago. I have done all the required updates, scanned for channels, I have tried factory reset and rescan. But I'm only getting 5 channels and it keeps asking for a pin. On the old box, this was the default 1111 but that isn't being accepted on this box. Is this yet another faulty box or is there something else I can try? We've had no TV for 2 weeks now and kids are going feral... Help!!


  • Hello Pablo,

    it doesn't sound like the DNA TV Hubi is faulty, however, it does sound like perhaps our systems haven't been updated with the new box details.

    Please contact our Customer Service via tel. 044 144 044 or via If you contact us via email, please provide your customer details as well as the serial number for your current DNA TV Hubi box.

    Kind regards,
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant

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