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DNA TV without cable?

We would like to shuffle our living room furniture around, and this would put the TV on a wall with no possibility to get an antenna cable in.
I wasn't too bothered about that since I assumed standard def TV comes via cable but HD TV is streamed, but it seems all broadcast channels are taken via cable.
Is there a way to have the box switch to IPTV only?
Plan B is a wireless HDMI bridge, but they're quite expensive...


  • Hello Edwin!

    Currently the free to watch channels are only broadcast via the cable (or antennae) network. This may change in the future, but currently no cable operator is allowed to directly broadcast the free channels as IPTV (linear) channels.

    You may of course cast your DNA TV app (or Chrome tab) to your TV using a Google Chromecast, but you may not think that it's good enough quality for the TV - and not all free (or pay-TV) channels are able to be watched live on DNA TV anyway (eg. MTV3 or Nelonen).

    Our pay-TV channels are however available as both cable and IPTV. These can be viewed via our DNA TV Hubi box (and to some extent through DNA TV):

    The only other option is for you to route a long coaxial cable through the room (we recommend max 4 meters) or by using some the wireless adapters you suggested.

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Ah... legal restrictions - understood - thanks 😀

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