DNA's new Terms and Conditions for Consumer Customers and Prepaid subscriptions on 1.2.2021

DNA Ltd's new General Terms and Conditions for Consumer Customers will enter into force on 1 February 2021 and replace the previous terms as of 1 July 2015. Please see below for specifically the special terms and conditions for DNA Prepaid subscriptions

The Terms and Conditions have been jointly negotiated by the Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics (FiCom), the Consumer Ombudsman and the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency.

The changes in the Terms and Conditions are mainly due to changes in mandatory legislation. Nearly all changes to the Terms and Conditions are favourable to the consumer.

The changes in terms and conditions require no action on your part. The features and prices of your current subscription and/or service remain unchanged. These changes do not constitute a reason to terminate a fixed-term subscription.

The key changes are:
  • Added a clause on the information to be provided to the customer before signing the contract, formal requirements on the information, and the contract summary (clause 2.1)
  • From now on, the customer is not liable to pay fees under the communications services contract until the connection is available to the customer (clauses 3.1 and 5.1).
  • The customer´s liability for the use of the service has been specified in the event that the customer transfers the service to a third party (clauses 4.2 and 7.1)
  • Added principles concerning roaming in the EU and EEA (4.6)
  • Added a clause under which the customer does not have the right to terminate a fixed-term contract if the terms of the contract are amended as the result of a change in legislation or an order issued by the authorities (clause 11.2)
  • If the telecom provider changes the terms of contract, the customer has the right to terminate the contract or service with two weeks’ notice. Previously, the contract could be terminated with immediate effect (clause 12).
The new terms and conditions are available here and via www.dna.fi/hinnastot-ja-ehdot .

Also the special terms and conditions for prepaid subscriptions have changed.

The key changes are:

- Specified the fair use quota per subscription type (3)
- Copied over the same clauses regarding data transfer and roaming that are already stated in the special terms for mobile communication subscriptions (4 and 5)
- Clarified the text about refunding topped up balance (8)

The new terms can be viewed in Finnish here.

DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
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