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Edit contact information

Hi, I wonder that why I can not edit my own information although I login DNA? 


  • Hello!

    Your address information is automatically updated based on your official address in the population data services register.

    In order to edit your address anyway, please login to our website at , then go to "Omat tiedot" on the main menu and click "Muokkaa" under the section "Yhteystiedot".

    If you do not have a DNA ID (Tunnus) yet, please register first by clicking on "Luo Tunnus" (create ID). Please see more about how to do that here: how-to-create-a-dna-tunnus-dnas-self-service-porta/

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Hi Linda,
    As you see, I've already had the DNA ID, this is why I can screenshot. Moreover, the button "Muokkaa" is grey which is different color with 2 white buttons in email and password sections. I ask this since I follow the instruction and I do not know why it is not accepted

    DNA Edit 15.9 / picture /address removed because of public online page
  • Hi Ha,

    the system might sometimes demand the room number as well, so please still try to add the address like this ( this is just an example of address)
    name of street: Isokatu and the number: 15 D 12/1 . The number 1 stands here for the room number. So if the room number would be number 2, please try 15 D 12/2

    ( I removed the picture with the address because of that this is a public online page)

    I hope you'll succeed now to add the address. If not , please call DNA customer care at 044 144 044 and then the customer care can help you out with this.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi Linda,
    I tried many ways to edit address but it's impossible. Maybe I will contact to customer care.
    Thank for your help.

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