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English, please!

My invoice is in Finnish, I don't understand it. Can you send me my invoice in English, please?


  • Hi George!

    We are happy to send you your invoice in English, if you so prefer.

    Please contact the customer service directly at 044 144 044 or palvelu(at) , and we will change the language settings for you.

    [EDIT: contact info updated / DNA Emma 4.7 12:29]

  • hi

    i have received
    HETI invoiie related to Russian Television

    yesterday I contacted DNA phone - i and I was proposed to to come to DNA office

    why should i Go there - may be should |I go to an other service provider

    I gave never unpaid invoices from DNA - I use both business and privet ones

    • you force me to change a provider, especially now the similar conditions are better


    Valery Poilezhaev


    [EDIT: Address information removed for security reasons /DNA Emma 15.5 13:17]

  • in addition i have received an advice from you - to visit my local DNA office with my DNA cared

  • you just treat your very loyal customers

  • Hi Valery!

    I am sorry to hear you are not satisfied with our service. If there is some unclarity with your invoice, I would advise you to contact our customer service directly at 044 144 044 or palvelu(at), as this is a public forum and we cannot look into personal details.

    If you have problems with your TV channels, and the TV card is old, one option is to go to a DNA store to exchange it for a new one. Without further information about the problem, I cannot say whether this is relevant in your case or not.

    [EDIT: contact info updated / DNA Emma 4.7 12:30]

  • Lines do not work Contract No. p0122638

  • Hi Mustafa!

    If your lines are not working, please contact our customer service at 044 144 044 or palvelu(at), so that we can take a closer look and sort the problem out.

    [EDIT: contact info updated / DNA Emma 4.7.15]

  • Hello,
    I moved to Finland and ordered DNA sim-card to have internet at home, but it seems, that it is not so simple to find the stick to put the sim-card in. Could you sell it separately? Could you send it to me? or where can I get one? (sim-card was ordered via Attendo OY, and I am living in Kihniö.

  • Hi Karin!

    DNA has one retailer in Kihniö, Tmi TOP SHOP, Hongistontie 21, Kihniö, so they should at least be able to sell one to you. We can also send it to you by post, if you buy it online or from our customer service. USB modems should also be available at most electronics stores.

  • Hi, thank you for you answer. Kihniö is a very small place. Could you please find out, wether they have the stick and how much it costs. (from the map it seems that it is a normal living house and 5 km from the place I'm situating, I don't want to go there, if I'm not sure will I get the product or not)

  • I would recommend you go there or contact them yourself, as they might have different options available and you can explain what you want.

  • Hi I recently moved to Finland and i would like to know some offers about tv+ ınternet like how much i need to pay every month and about speed internet. thank you

  • Hello Oana.

    The price usually depends on the address you live in.

    Since this is a public forum could you give us a call at 044144044 or send us an email with your contact details.


    [EDIT: contact info updated / DNA Emma 4.7.15]

  • Hi I am a new customers can you tell me how can pay bill

  • Hello taban.

    Once you receive your invoice it can be payed in your internet bank, or by visiting your local banks office.


  • Hello! Can you please tell me how I can put money through internet ! Thanks 😀

  • Hi Gauti,

    if You have a DNA Prepaid card, You can load airtime through internet at out webpage or You can for instance buy a voucher at R-kioski.

    If You get invoices for Your DNA Subscription and need the DNA account numbers in order to pay an invoice, You can find the DNA account numbers here under "DNA:n tilinumerot"

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello,
    I Paid my bills and you disconnected my broadbent and tv, who can help me? is there any direct contact to the accountant? Please help.

  • Hi Monika!

    If your services are disconnected because of unpaid bills, they will be reactivated automatically once the payments are registered with us, which usually takes 1–3 bank days. Please note that all overdue invoices must be paid before the service is reopened. If you want to check the invoices, our customer service is available at 044 144 044.

  • Is it possible to set a saldo limit on unlimited Subscription?thanking

  • Hi Mia,

    No it is not possible.

  • Hi i use the blank username and admin password now i cant login to disabled the wifi what can i do to use the disable wifi again please help me cause my internet is very slow due to wifi access thanks....

  • Hi Val,

    Please contact customer care at 044 144 044 or so we can go through the settings and find out the problem.


  • I am going to be in Finland this August (2017).  If I get a DNA prepaid SIM card and someone calls me from the United States, does that cost?
  • Hello Pam,

    if you get an DNA prepaid subscription when you are visiting in Finland and someone from the United States calls you there will not be any extra cost on your subscription to recieve that call.
  • Kiitos!
  • Hi!

    I have a DNA superprepaid data package (0.5/5.0mbps)
    for 6month costing 29.90EUR

    If I travel to another EU country, will I be able to use it?
    If so, how much data can I use? What are the conditions?


  • Hi Peter,

    If you have registered to the DNA Prepaid application, then you will not be able to use mobiledata if you don't have a valid data package. Only mobile data in Finland is included in the data package however, so if you want mobile data functioning outside Finland as well, you must top up ordinary balance also. Mobile data in other EU countries is 0.0056 EUR/MB, check prices and conditions here: and "EU-data fair use quotas with DNA prepaid subscriptions".
    So, you will now in other words pay for the data package + 0.0056 €//MB on top of that for mobile data in other EU countries.

    For your information that if you would unregister from the Prepaid application in the Prepaid app settings, then mobile data is 0,99€/day (in Finland) only for those days when you use internet: . If you with this option use mobile data in other EU contries, you will in other words pay 0,99€/day + 0.0056 €//MB. (If you unsubscribe from the application and remove it while you have a valid data package, you will of course lose your data package)

    Please check here: what operator you should use in different EU-countries and in the country specific information you can also see if there's 4G contract with the operator abroad or only 4G.
    Also enable dataroaming in your phones' settings.

    If you want to check mobile internet prices outside EU, you can find that price information here:

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
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