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Error message. No access (2). DNA Welho Mix 8

I got a DNA Welho Mix 8 card ONE day ago but I still cannot see the channels. I get this error message: No access (2).
Should I wait few more days? Or what is wrong?


  • Hi AB!

    Have you done a channel search and left the channel on for a longer period of time? Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours before the authentication goes through to the TV card. If it is still not working, though, I would recommend you contact us at 044 144 044 or palvelu(at), so we can check that your order has been put in correctly.

    [EDIT: contact info updated / DNA Emma 24.7.15]

  • hello i bay prepaid cart but it s sim card rejected can u help me please tanks

  • i bay it from kioski just 1 hour i go

  • hello i bay prepaid cart but it s sim card rejected can u help me please tanks.iam waithing tanks

  • Hi Adel,

    you should check if the SIM card works with another phone as this problem might have to do with the phone. A prepaid SIM card from a new prepaid package should work straight away when it´s put in the phone. Did it ask for PIN code? The PIN code , and also the PUK code, can be seen on the bigger card, that your small SIM card was attached to. PIN code can be put 3 times wrong and then it´ll start asking for the PUK code. PUK code can be put 10 times wrong, and after that the SIM card cannot be activated at all.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hello,
    I have the same No Access problem with Mix-8 tv channels. I bought the contract on Friday and since then every day i try to turn it on, call to service centre, go to DNA shop , but nothing has changed. Free cable channels are showing. Paid 8 won't open. They linked my digibox 2 times manually, changes the tv card, no way. I start getting hopeless. I was planning to have some children programs on Juhannus but..
    Is it possible to do something? can maybe somebody check my digibox? I would change it but i am not sure thre's problem in it.

  • Hi Anna,

    sorry to hear about the problems. You could of course still do a reset to your digibox and try to do the channel search again.
    If it doesn´t help, you can call DNA customer care +358 44 144 044 again so that a larger troubleshoot can be done. So then the new TV card number should be checked and the CHIP ID of the digibox as well, so these numbers are right for sure. Customer care could also if it is needed, check with tech support if everything´s fine.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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