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EU data roaming with Super prepaid

I bought a SIM card and unlimited package on September in Finland. And I have been using that.
I am going to go to Iceland and Italy, so I would like to know how to use EU data roaming.
I am going to use the internet but think I almost don't call.
Do I just need to top up balance to use the internet in Iceland and Italy?
Do I have to do other things?
I read the web page about EU data roaming but I was not sure which is the better for me (my data plan) because I am an exchange student and I don't know difficult English sentences.
I hope you reply this question.


  • Hi Karin,

    if you have a DNA Rajaton prepaid- package, you just need make sure that you have enough balance, and then you can use the subscription in Iceland and Italy. Please note that the 0,89€ daily fee will always be charged from your balance if you have the DNA Rajaton prepaid - package, no matter if you use the line or not.
    You can see here: that the price for using mobile data in other EU countries is 4,34€/GB. Here is information that EU roaming phonecalls and sms:s are included in the daily fee of 0,89€, but the 4,34€/GB will be charged for mobile data when using EU roaming.

    If you on the other hand have the DNA Super prepaid- package, the daily fee for mobile data is always 0,99€/day if mobile data is used that particular day in Finland or in EU and if you use the prepaid in some other EU country, you'll be charged 4,34€/GB for mobile data on top of that.
    If you on the other hand has subscribed to the DNA Prepaid application and you have an additional data package valid for the subscription, the mobile data daily fee of 0,99€ will not be charged, just the data package that you bought and 4,34€/GB on top of that. Please note that you must always have ordinary balance enough , as the mobile data fee 4,34€/GB is always deducted from the ordinary balance.

    You should also make sure that you have enabled data roaming in your phone's settings and you can preferrebly use the operators that we recommend at I hope this answer was helpful!
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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