EU/EEA area roaming charges

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The EU/EEA area roaming rules apply when you are abroad and your device is roaming in another EU/EEA country's local network. This means it does not apply when you are in Finland and are calling or sending messages from Finland to other countries (this is charged separately).

Charges for normal calls, SMS and MMS while roaming within the rest of the EU/EEA area are initially the same as in Finland. If your extended travel in these other countries no longer falls within fair use*, an additional EU surcharge will start applying (postpaid and prepaid). 

All our phone subscriptions (that have data service) include some sort of monthly EU/EEA data package. Most of our newer postpaid subscriptions in addition also include unlimited data transfer in some countries (see below), though fair use roaming rules still apply. Once the EU/EEA data package has been used up, the additional price (EU surcahrge) for data transfer in other EU/EEA countries is €3.72/GB (from 1.7.2022 only €2.48 €/GB). Please see below for details.

Please note that these prices are additional fees for using the phone in another EU/EEA country. In addition to these prices, you are charged for whatever the services would have cost in Finland. 

Please note that the UK is no longer in the EU.

Whilst roaming in another EU/EEA country, there isn't initially any additional roaming charges for phone calls, SMS or MMS. This means your calls and messages cost the same price as if you were in Finland. This also means if you eg. have a subscription type that includes 200 call minutes, the calls within the rest of the EU/EEA area are also included in this quota. 

When your travel or usage is not within fair use limits and/or your roaming is not only periodic, you are charged: Domestic price (this may be free with your subscription) + EU surcharge fee.

EU/EEA data roaming packages
All postpaid DNA phone subscriptions that includes a internet service, include a calendar monthly EU/EEA data roaming package. This means that data transfer within the EU/EEA are free of charge within these package quota limits. Data transfer that exceed these quotas, are charged the EU/EEA area data transfer fee below:

In June 2020, we added unlimited data roaming in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for several of our postpaid subscriptions. Data roaming in these countries with the appropriate subscription does not use up the subscription's EU/EEA data package. Please note that fair use rules still apply.

Once the EU/EEA area data package is 80% used up, you will get a SMS regarding this, and yet another SMS when the package has been completely used up. If you continue to use data after this, you will be charged EU/EEA data transfer charges. Every subscription has a standard security limit of data transfer for €60/month (postpaid). This €60 limit can be lowered or increased via our Customer Service. For exact quotas for your prepaid subscription, see header "EU-data fair use quotas with DNA phone subscriptions" on this page:

Please note that our Prepaid subscriptions include a free default daily EU/EEA data quota of 0.3 GB/day. All our prepaid add-on data packages, also now include a EU/EEA data package, eg. Tehonetti 30 days include a quota of 5.4 GB (for the duration of the package). For the exact quotas for all prepaid add-on data packages, see header "EU-data fair use quotas with DNA prepaid subscriptions" on this page:

Periodic travel?
DNA mobile subscriptions are not designed for permanent roaming. When roaming is no longer considered periodic, but permanent - the EU surcharge is applied on top of the domestic prices.

Roaming is considered periodic when either the traffic volume criterion or the presence criterion is fulfilled:
  • Traffic volume criterion: The cumulative usage of data transfer, phone calls and text messages in Finland is greater than the usage in EU/EEA area during the past 120 days
  • Presence criterion: The cumulative number of days spent in Finland is greater than days spent in EU/EEA area during the past 120 days. For the calculation, days spent outside EU/EEA area shall be considered domestic days.
In case neither the traffic volume criterion nor the presence criterion are fulfilled, the customer receives a notification text message about surpassing the limits of periodic roaming.

After the message, all further consumption is billed with EU surcharge added on top of the domestic price. Charging the EU surcharge is stopped again when the traffic volume criterion or presence criterion is fulfilled.

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