France24 channel is broken

I'm not sure if it's just me but France24 channel has stopped working correctly a few days ago. The sound is playing at a 10th of normal speed so everything sounds like aliens from the underworld. Every other channel I have on the basic package continues to work normally. Can you please report this.
I am receiving it through cable in Huittinen and playing on an LG-OLED.


  • Hi Bernie,

    could you please report about this problem to DNA Customer Care (mo-fri 8-18 and sat 9-16:30) at 044 144 044. Then a larger troubleshooting can be made and the situation must be checked based on your exact home address and the connections must also be checked. Then, if needed, a maintentance can be ordered ( I´m sorry, troubleshooting and maintenance visits are not possible though this public online forum)

    I could however not yet find any problem ticket about the France24 channel, so please contact DNA Customer Care. Before that, it would be very good if you could test with another antenna cable if you have one ( under 4 meters long) and also if you use a splitter, please test without a splitter or another splitter, so that there can be excluded that the problem is for sure not the antenna cable that goes from the TV to the TV outlet in the wall, nor the splitter.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Turns out there are two audio tracks on this channel. The Mpeg track worked fine and the DolbyDigital track has the problem. I set my tv to use the one that works.

    Credit to the dna email support team for that feedback.

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