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Getting a laptop from dna in installment

I wanted to take a laptop in installment from Dna. I already have a iphone 12pro max which i took in installment also 2 months ago. When I visited the dna shop for the laptop, they told me to pay the iphone installments 1-2 times and then apply for the laptop installment again. Its been 2 times i am paying for the phone in time . Can i get the laptop now in installment from your shop?
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  • Hi Arjun!

    This can be checked out , when we can see how much you still have got unpaid of the iPhone and when you tell us how much the laptop costs that you intend to buy. Please contact customer care tel. 044 144 044 in this matter and we´ll help you out!

    This is a public online page, so private customer cases cannot be handled here.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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