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Getting balance for prepaid with SMS

Which service number and command should I user to get a balance by SMS? Printed guide says the number "14000" and message "SALDO". When I'm trying to send that sms from Samsung Galaxy, the balance amout returning correctly. BUT, when I change the device (i.e. physically move the same SIM card into another device), I always get the response: "Palvelutilaus ei onnistunut. Yritä myöhemmin uudelleen. Tarvittaessa ota yhteyttä asiakaspalveluun 044144044. Terveisin DNA", even the account language is set to English.
That is, in summary: the same SIM, the same account, the same service number and command, but different devices -> produce different results.What should I (or DNA) do to fix that problem?


  • Hi Sergey,

    you can check your prepaid balance by sending the sms SALDO to number 14600. Thank you for the feed-back, I'll put information forward about that the new number 14600 should be in the printed guide instead of the old 14000 number.

    You can also call the number 0800 412 582 (calling to this number is free of charge) . If you have the Prepaid application you can see the balance there as well and on the self service page
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Not working as expected.

    When I'm sending message "SALDO" to 14600 from Samsung Galaxy S4, I'm getting back correct response (balance amount with message on English language) in 10 seconds. But when I insert the same SIM card into another device, response is not received at all. The problem is on your side, because if I send a SMS to that number from another phone, it is receiving correctly in several seconds. Please do not suggest me to use USSD or voice call - that device can only send/receive SMS.

    How the problem can be resolved?
  • Hi Sergey,

    when you use that other phone, you can however send ordinary textmessages with that and you are also able to receive sms:s normally with that other phone? In that case please call our DNA Customer Care at 044 144 044 so that troubleshooting can be done ( and if needed then the technical department can check this out) and then you can tell the customer care your prepaid phone number and the devices' manufacturer and model that this problem occurs with. ( This is a public online page so unfortunately no further trouble shooting can be done here)
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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