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Hosting a home server (eg. Minecraft, Small Website) on 4G?


I have just got a 4G router from DNA and am currently using the Unlimited Prepaid 4G 300M for internet.

I'm trying to setup a small server for eg. Minecraft and Small website running on Nginx. I've tried opening ports in the Huawei router, and set up the A Record on my domain host, but nothing seems to work. Doing a traceroute test does not work either as the requests time out.

Is this not possible on prepaid? Do I need to get something else?

Please help me out with this.


  • In order to host your own server, you will most likely need to change your APN to public, which requires a pure internet subscription (not a phone subscription).  

    How to access the modem's admin page (if you have a DNA Wi-Fi-modem):

    - connect to the Wi-Fi-modem with your device (mobile device/computer)
    - open a browser on your device and type http://dna.mokkula or in the browser's address field.
    - login (default username: admin, password: 1234)

    In order to change the modem's APN to public, please change it from "internet" to "" under the header "Yhteyspiste". If you've activated your subscription before December 2016, we recommend using the public APN-addres "" instead.

    If you need to manually open some ports, please note that the following public IPv4- and IPv6-addresses are blocked:

    Blocked TCP-ports (IPv4):
    25 UL
    1-499 DL
    501-1023 DL
    7547 UL/DL

    Blocked UDP-ports (IPv4):
    1-122 DL
    124-258 DL
    260-499 DL
    501-1023 DL
    1900 DL

    Blocked ports (IPv6):
    25 UL (TCP)
    53 DL (UDP)
    1900 DL (UDP)
    7547 UL/DL (TCP)

    Online games also work better if UPnP is enabled. Once you're logged in:

    - choose "Lisäasetukset" at the top and then "Suojaus" from the menu on the left
    - choose "UPnP asetukset"- from the menu that opens
    - enable UPnP

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Hi. Thanks for the reply.

    I have this router: DNA Kotimokkula 4G+ WLAN Huawei B715

    I have set the default AP to "" here:

    But I am using DNA 4G Prepaid 300M, activated just this month, so I am not sure if it matters that I changed the default AP to the public one. Because maybe it is using the AP. I am not able to change, remove or even check which is being used. The only option is to add a new AP into the list myself.

    Ports I am trying to use are only port 80 fro HTTP, port 443 for HTTPS and port 3001 and 3443. These do not seem to be blocked based on what you posted.

    When setting my A Record for my website "domain.tld" from Namecheap as my public I.P. it will not resolve.

    I am not sure what is going on here. A traceroute of the domain.tld that I want to host gives this result:

    Tracing route to "my domain.tld" [37.***.***.211] <--- This is my public I.P. address.
    over a maximum of 10 hops:

      1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  dna.mokkula []
      2     *        *        *     Request timed out.
      3    27 ms    36 ms    20 ms []
      4    41 ms    21 ms    24 ms []
      5     *        *        *     Request timed out.
      6     *        *        *     Request timed out.
      7     *        *        *     Request timed out.
      8     *        *        *     Request timed out.
      9     *        *        *     Request timed out.
     10     *        *        *     Request timed out.

    As you can see it can't resolve the address, somewhere it's getting blocked. Presumably because I do not have a real I.P. and the address is behind NAT.

    Is the problem because I am using Prepaid, am I not able to get a public I.P. on DNA prepaid?

    I also have a strict NAT on my Xbox One using this service with seemingly no way to change it. I have enabled UPnP in the router but it doesn't make any difference.

    Thanks for the help thus far.

  • Hello,

    I just noticed you are using a phone subscription and was editing the original answer as you were posting. You will need a data/internet only subscription, a postpaid internet subscription or a data prepaid.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Hi,

    Sorry I am still a little confused. I should have the: DNA Dataprepaid 300M. Is it possible to get a public I.P. using this via the AP

    I am almost certain that this is the service that I have.

    Could you please link some examples of the subscriptions you posted so I know exactly what I need to purchase to allow me to host this small site via 4G.

  • Hello! I just checked. I have this 'Hypernetti 30 days (300M)'. This is not compatible with having this public I.P. ( So I need to purchase something else?
  • The more I look at the options the more I am confused.

    On the page it says this: "Hypernetti 30 vrk (300M) €23.90  
    When only the fastest is fast enough! Enjoy the lighting fast 4G network to the fullest and get speeds up to 300 Mbit/s for a month. No cap on data use."

    This is what I have purchased, with 7 days remaining until I can change my package. Checking now, there no other package option to buy when I go and check the page. Only a slower package of Tehonetti (50M) or packages that contain calls and text which I do not want.

    I need to know which packages in DNA support having a public I.P. that I can use to host a small site and such. Please let me know what's available for me. Thanks!
  • Hello Eli,

    you cannot use a phone subscription, i.e. a Super Prepaid, a Rajaton Prepaid or any other postpaid phone subscription that allows phone calls.

    What you have now is a phone subscription with additional internet services/packages.

    You can purchase any of our internet subscriptions here (wired or mobile based on your address):

    The Dataprepaid I was referring to is this:
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Hi thanks. I think I almost understand, so now only one question left.

    How is the Dataprepaid any different from this "Hypernetti 30 vrk (300M) €23.90" package I have, is it because it is a SIM that doesn't have a calls/text option?

    So if I order this Dataprepaid SIM you linked to, it is not the same as the prepaid SIM I picked up from R-Kioski? This SIM you linked would come with a public I.P. I can use to host my small site? It seems I could also load this with credit from my DNA account page (minunpalveluni).

    Would it also fix my NAT issues on my Xbox because I cannot do anything with my current Strict NAT.

    Thanks very much for the support thus far! I wish this was a little more clear on the site.
  • If I already have a SIM from R-Kioski, do I need to order a new one? It says on this page in Finnish that I can pick up one of these SIM cards from an R-Kioski.

    So the difference with the Dataprepaid option is that I register the liitymä on the DNA site? It's not the same as the Hypernetti plan I have now.

    Ok I saw this after looking myself (I can read/speak Finnish also):
    Palvelussa käytetään oletusarvoisesti IPv4-osoitteiden yhteydessä osoitteenmuunnosta (NAT). Tällöin palvelu ei saa julkista yksilöllistä IP-osoitetta ja tiedonsiirtoyhteyden avaaminen internetistä sisäänpäin ei ole mahdollista. DNA Dataprepaidissä on myös mahdollisuus aktivoida julkinen IP-osoite, esimerkiksi riistakameraa tai nettipelaamista varten, Aktivoinnista ohjeistetaan tarkemmin DNA:n kotisivuilla ( DNA Dataprepaidin osalta liittymä on tarkoitettu pakettikytkentäisiin IP- (internet) yhteyksiin. Puhe- ja videopuhelinliikenne ja lähtevä teksti- ja multimediaviestiliikenne on estetty eikä niitä ole mahdollista erikseen tilata liittymään. Saapuva tekstiviestiliikenne on sallittu.

    So it's a different SIM with blocked voice and SMS and uses data only, with the ability to activate a personal public I.P. if I want. The question then is how to activate the public I.P. service for use with security cameras etc? Is that by setting the AP in the router to
  • Hello Eli,

    as stated before, it cannot be a phone subscription type. It doesn't matter if you've purchased a data package - the subscription is still a phone subscription and you are able to use its balance to place calls and send text messages.

    You will either need to get a postpaid internet (Netti) subscription or the internet prepaid called Dataprepaid. You cannot change your current phone subscription into a Dataprepaid subscription.

    R-Kioski is one of our resellers, and they sell the Dataprepaid in their kiosks. Dataprepaid doesn't have a balance, and you do not top it up with money, only buy different data packages for it. You can either buy Dataprepaid vouchers from R-Kioski or use

    You can of course register your prepaid subscriptions, but that is completely optional and not necessary.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Ok. I got a dataprepaid SIM today and I got a public I.P!

    But the problem now is that when I go to my website it redirects to the router login page instead! So if I go to it instead redirects me to the public IP address for my router login page, so basically it sends me to (but whatever my public IP is). This is obviously really really bad.

    I think it has something to do with my DNA Kotimokkula 4G+ WLAN Huawei B715 router having remote access enabled but I cannot find the option to disable it. So that requests sent to actually go there, instead of being sent to my router login page. Which is a real problem.
  • Hello Eli,

    that's currently a known feature of the Kotimokkula B715. The manufacturer (Huawei) has made it so it tries to automatically reroute you to the administration page to change eg. the default password or check for updates. If you login once and follow the instructions, it should stop rerouting you to this page.

    If that doesn't fix things, first reset the Mokkula (remove all potential ethernet- cables, find the tiny recessed reset-button and hold it continuously down for 30 seconds) and after this you can again login to the administration page and follow the instructions.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Hi. I don't think you are understanding my question. I have set up the router entirely. Changed password, SSID name etc. That is done. 

    I mean that when I port forward my security camera that is hosted at my domain, instead of connecting to the camera behind the domain on the Web browser. It redirects to the router login page even though I have already set up the router.

    I only need to use port 80 and 443.  But those ports always redirect to the router. I cannot access the camera profile anything else behind the router. Because it takes me always to the router page.

    I need a way to disable access the router login page from the WAN (Internet).
  • Hi Eli,

    when you set up the router, did you check as well if there are any new updates and did you do the reset?

    So please make sure when you are at the router page:

    -that you check the updates for the router and install the latest update version of the router. After that you shouldn´t be directed to the router page anymore.
    -please also reset the router after that by pressing down the reset button for about 15 seconds.

    Above you can see the list of blocked ports , so for instance TCP ports 1 to 499 DL and UDP ports 1 to 122 and UDP ports 260 to 499 DL are blocked. If you´ve checked all this but are still having problems, you can for instance contact the device support HS Works  for further assistance at 0600 305060.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi Eli and Linda,

    Did you get this work? I have the same issue. I can access only the admin page from WAN but the port forwarding does not work to my Raspberry Pi I'm trying to access. I have tried different ports in forwarding from WAN (500, 2222 for example).

  • Hello Juha,

    unfortunately we cannot offer specific and extensive device support on this forum. You may be able to get some additional help by calling our customer service (tel. 044 144 044) and they can in turn consult our tech department in this matter (if the problem is due to our subscriptions).

    As this is a public forum, we of course welcome others to answer if they have experience in this matter.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
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