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How can I get a mobile ID/mobile certificate?

Hi, I was trying to make an online payment and they asked for a "mobile certificate". I don't have online banking so I couldn't buy it from the online store. How do I get one otherwise?


  • Hello Cheryl.

    A mobile certificate can be activated to your subscription at a DNA Kauppa.

    At the moment it is only compatible with subscriptions named Onni / Joustava, so if you are using a Äly / Rajaton subscription or a Prepaid subscription sadly it cannot be activated to it.


  • Hello, I have a prepaid subscription for over 3 years now. Is it possible nowadays to activate this "mobile certificate"?

    If not, can I change my subscription type to "Onni / Joustava" and preserve my current phone number?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Sergio,

    it is not possible to connect the mobile certificate, "mobiilivarmenne" to Prepaid lines unfortunately.

    If you register your Prepaid line, it would be possible to change it into a postpaid line, but only to some of the subscription types that we now have for sale (Äly, Rajaton, Superälypaketti, Mini Data) and they do not have mobile cerfificate. Onni and Joustava subscription types aren´t for sale anymore.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • I have a postpaid number.What should I do to get mobile verification?

  • Hi.

    First i suggest to try if your subscription support mobile verification.
    Input phone number and a 4-8 digit long code in the "Häirinnänestokoodi" and press "Jatka". If an error occurs, contact DNA Customer Support at 044 144 044.

    As the subscription is registered for mobile verification, press this link and follow the steps. Unfortunately the steps is in Finnish. If needed, call DNA Customer Support for guidance.


  • How come you dont support mobile certificates on your new subscriprion plans you should be able to make them available as allot more places on the web has that option and without it people cant use a nfc payment becouse that fuction demands a mobile certificate sim to work.

  • Hi,

    it is possible to connect mobile certificates to new subscription plans nowadays as well. If there were problems with the registration, it might be that DNA Customer Care need to allow the service for you in the system at first. Please contact DNA Customer Care by phone +358 44 144 044 and give your personal information, and I am sure that this matter can be sorted out.

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • I just called DNA Customer Care by phone +358 44 144 044 . It appears that it is not possible to get mobile certificate unless I authorize thru my bank. It is really a deadlock situation.

    Bank wants Finnish Id for providing online identity provision, Finnish Id in turn has online service which wants me to prove identity thru mobile certificate or bank. And now mobile certificate needs bank to provide identity 🙁
  • Hi Vaseem,

    that is true, unfortunately it is not possible to get mobile certificate without registering first with your net bank code.

  • Hello,

    The information is a bit old, so I will ask just in case.
    What do I need to get a Mobile certificate?
    Do I need my Finnish ID number and a subscription to DNA?

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi!

    You need Finnish internet banking to register for mobile certificate with your DNA postpaid subscription. If you have a DNA postpaid subscription and Finnish internet banking, you can register for mobile certificate here

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant

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