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How can I pay my DNA internet bill online?


Just wondering where I can pay my broadband bill online as this is much more convenient however I cannot find anything in English? I have a contract and not prepaid. I reside permanently in Finland but don't understand where I can pay my bill as everything is in Finnish? What are all the bill payment options aside from paying online, just so that I know what my options are and where I can pay?

Many thanks
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  • Hello Aoife,

    generally your invoicing options are as follows:
    - a paper invoice by post
    - a electronic invoice document (pdf) that is sent to your email
    - an e-invoice that is sent directly to your internet bank (you have to enable this option yourself via your internet bank).

    In addition, you may of course log on to our self-service on our website and pay it directly through there. You can also pay it through the MyDNA app (iOS/Android).

    If you're asking how to pay invoices in general, we recommend you contact your bank in that case.

    If you would like to check or change your current invoicing option, please contact our Customer service via tel. 044 144 044 or and give them your details (DOB or your customer number as well as your name and home address).

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
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  • I want to buy DNA
  • Hi Alee,

    so, if you are interested in some DNA phone subscription or DNA internet service, you can find information about our services at You can also call DNA Customer Care at +358 44 144 044 or contact DNA Customer Care by e-mail at the address palvelu(at)
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • To whom it may concern,

    By mistake my first bill went to spam. I discovered it 15 days later and I wonder if I can pay the bill with the same reference numbers.
  • We're sorry for getting back to you so late, we've had technical difficulties with this forum for the last few weeks.

    You should always pay with the same reference number, paying it late has no effect on the validity of the reference number.

    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • I Cant  Pay My DNA broadband Bill Through Internet Please help
  • Are you trying to pay it through our self-service on our website or via your own net bank?

    If you need help further with this, please call our Customer service on tel. 044 144 044.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • I m unable to login your app for bill payment. I have to pay bill online
    How t is possible plz reset login pwd and inform me

    Sudhir kumar jha
  • Hi Sudhir!

    If there are some problems with your My DNA (Oma DNA) app, please remove the app and install it again from Google Play/App store. You can also find the payment information for your invoices at the self service point . This is a public online page and we can only give advice generally here, so if you would need any further help, please call DNA Customer Care 044 144 044 ( mo-fri 8-18) or send an e-mail (please identify yourself in the e-mail with date of birth , home adress and phone number).
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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