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How to activate sim-card?

My friend buy simcard for me in Finland. I live in Russia, but i need it. But i cant activate sim card in Russia. What should i do to activate?


  • Hi!

    DNA Prepaid SIM-cards must be activated in Finland otherwise they will not work correctly abroad. Your friend could activate the SIM-card before sending it to you and then it would work properly in Russia. If you already have the SIM-card in Russia, there is no way of activating it unless you send it back to Finland so that it can be activated here.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hello. I bought dna card in Finland, but i didnt activate it there.. How i can activate it in italy?
  • Hello,

    as was previously mentioned, it has to be taken into use (activated) in Finland. You cannot activate it elsewhere.
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant

  • Kuinka aktivoida sim-korttisi niin, että ostin sen, mutta ei voi aktivoida, voitko auttaa minua
    pham van vu
  • Hi Pham van vu,

    Are you in Finland right now and do you have got a completely new Prepaid SIM card/package? In that case it should start functioning straight away so try to restart your phone, and after that try to make the first phonecall.

    If you are abroad, then it is good to know that DNA Prepaid SIM-cards must be activated in Finland, meaning you must have made the first call or you must have used internet with the subscription in Finland. If the SIM card has not been used at all in Finland, then it will not work correctly abroad.

    Please also test the SIM card in another phone, to make sure that it isn´t any problem related to the device.

    If you despite of this advice cannot activate your prepaid card, please call DNA fault reporting 0800 300 500 (free of charge).
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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