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How to change my wifi name and password.


We have a sagemcom wlan router and we would like to change the name and the password from the default ones.

Can you help us about this?



  • Hi Bulent,

    when you with your device use the internet of your Sagemcom modem, you can sign in to the settings page of the modem. So just open the internet browser and write in the address field: DNA.WLAN/ or or if you have bridge mode) Then press Enter. Now you will be directed to the settings page of your modem. Username is admin (if asked) and password is 1234. Now you can access the Wireless Network Configuration page where you can do those changes.

    Now I´m not sure about exactly what Sagemcom model you have, but here you can find the user manuals for all our cable and ethernet modems.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • thank you, got it!

  • How can i reset my WIFI password if I forgot old one??
  • If you have forgotten your WiFi password, you should reset the device to factory settings.

    Unplug all cables except the power cable. Keep the modem on, locate the tiny recessed reset-button - and hold in the button continuously for about 30 seconds. The WiFi password has now been reset to the one on the device's own label.

    If you cannot find the reset button, please see our device manuals here:  (fixed broadband) or here: (mobile broadband)
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Terve,

    I can change my wifi's name via the router setup page198.168.1.1/wlan... no problem. But there is no option to change the current wifi's password. I mean I just got what is printed on the router. How can I change it?

    Br. Arman
  • Hi Arman,

    now I don´t know exactly what modem type / model you have, but the same instruction should go for most modems, and if you for instance have the Sagemcom 3686acv2, you can find the instructions here and then choose the header: Salasanan vaihto ja unohtunut salasana.

    So Status-> Password from the left side-> and write your Current Password there, then choose a New Password and Confirm New Password- > Apply

    The new password can be at a maximum 8 digits long, and should consist of some numbers and letters, preferrably small letters and big letters.

    I hope this was helpful!

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • hi. im having a trouble in logging in in my wifi is skybroadband model tc7200... i did try my ip.... editing the ip4 in settings... none of its work... i even read the manuals. do desperate here... i badly needed a help

  • Hi!

    I'm not sure if I understood what the issue is with your modem. If you're trying to sign in to the settings page, you can do so by clicking this: . If you've already tried that and couldn't sign in, please reset your modem by disconnecting the antenna cable (power ON) and push down the reset button for 30 seconds. Then reconnect the antenna cable and try the link again.

    If you're having trouble making changes to any settings when you've logged in, we'll need some more information on what type of changes you're trying to make and we can then see if we are able to help you with that. You can also visit the manufacturers website for more device specific troubleshooting.

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • I have the same problem with you at first so I think this might help. Please find a Home icon, and you can find where to change your wifi settings. Good luck!
  • i want change my wifi password how can i do????????????????
  • It depends on what modem or router you have, but essentially you have to sign into the settings page of the modem.

    Open a internet browser window and write (or in the address field and press enter. Username is admin and password is 1234.

    Check the menu for Wireless/WLAN/WiFi, and you should be able to change the WiFi-password under that option.

    Please see our device manuals here:  (fixed broadband) or here: (mobile broadband)
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant

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