How to create a DNA Tunnus (DNA's self-service portal)

At DNA's self-service portal you can eg. check and change your services, check your invoices (and call specifications) and retrieve your PUK-code (Postpaid and registered Prepaid) free of charge.

You create a DNA Tunnus (username) here:

Click on ”Luo DNA Tunnus” to register. After this, you are redirected to your net bank page for identification, after which you can enter your e-mail address and password (please make sure to choose a password that is as least 8 characters long, and includes at least three of the following: capital letters, small letters, numbers and symbols).

Once you have entered all the information and clicked the confirm button, a link will be sent to your e-mail address. By opening that message and clicking the link, you're activate the login information and can use that to log in.

Your username is your email-address and your password is the one you just provided.
DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
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