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How to save my number?

because I'm going not to use my dna account until next winter. And then I'd like to have the same number...


  • Hi!

    If you're using a DNA Prepaid subscription, you can save your number by keeping the Prepaid sim-card active with regular top-ups. The sim-card is always active for 6 months from your previous top-up. If you're using a DNA Rajaton Prepaid with the daily charge of 0,89€, you can also pause the subscription so that the daily charge will no longer be paid from your credit. To pause your DNA Rajaton Prepaid send message PAUSE ON to 14600 (5€ charge to activate pause mode) and when you want to start using it again, send message PAUSE OFF to 14600 (no charge to deactivate pause mode). Keep in mind that the pause mode will not prevent the sim-card from being deactivated if no top-ups have been made so please remember to top-up even with the pause mode activated.

    If you're currently using a DNA postpaid sim-card, you can keep your number active as it is or change the subscription type through DNA Customer Care at +35844 144 044 (Mon-Fri 8-18, Sat 9-16:30).

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant
  • Hi,
    I spend 6+ months at home in California and the rest of the time in Finland. In the US ATT prepaid can be kept active by changin plan to one where you pay for calls and messages, and maintaining $100 balance.
    How can I maintain DNA prepaid number. Topping up is problematic when I am in California
  • Hi!

    That sort of change in subscription type is only possible for postpaid subscriptions and the validity period of the prepaid subscription depends on the prepaid type. For a DNA Rajaton Prepaid the subscription is valid for 6 months since the last top-up and for DNA Super Prepaid the validity period since last top-up is 12 months. It isn't possible to keep a prepaid subscription valid any other way than to top-up regularly.

    You can check your subscription type from the DNA Prepaid App, through the DNA Prepaid website or by entering your DNA Prepaid phone number at .

    If topping up through the top-up website ( is problematic while you're in California, you can always purchase a top-up card from R-Kioski while you're in Finland and use it in California before the 6 months runs out. You can top-up two ways at R-Kioski, either with direct top-up (the money goes straight into your prepaid account) or top-up card (manual top-up at a chosen time). With the latter, you'll be able to make the top-up manually while in California, either through the top-up website or by calling the DNA Prepaid user service at +358800 412 582. These manual top-up cards are valid for 12 months from purchase.

    Hopefully this helps navigate this situation and to keep your DNA Prepaid subscription active!

    DNA Saara Customer Consultant

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