How to top up your Prepaid balance

You can top up your Prepaid balance online, via R-Kioski and Otto ATM's.

Minimum top up amount is always €10. The total maximum balance is €200.

The user is responsible for providing the correct Prepaid phone number, no refunds can be made afterwards.

  • Online/Laturi: Top up your balance (€10-100) or purchase add-on packages at You may use Finnish netbanks, MobilePay and credit cards issued in Europe (+ Russia and a few other countries) as well as credit cards issued in US/Canada with 3D Secure enabled. You may also redeem your top up vouchers at Laturi.
  • R-Kioski: You can top up your balance (€10-200) or purchase add-on packages. Please make sure you give the cashier the correct Prepaid phone number. You may also buy top up vouchers for later use.
  • Top-up vouchers: Vouchers for all Prepaid subscriptions can be purchased from R-Kioski, Post offices and DNA Kauppa stores. Preset values are €10 or €20. Please note there is separate vouchers for data prepaid plans. You can also get top-up vouchers for our Prepaid phone subscriptions from K-chain stores valued between 10-100€. Redeem your vouchers at R-Kioski or online at Laturi (see above). 
  • Otto-ATM's: Top up your balance at any Otto-ATM. Please note you cannot top up the balance of your Dataprepaid-subscriptions as those do not have a balance (only data packages).
Once you have topped up your balance, you can use that to purchase more affordable add-on packages for Super Prepaid via the mobile site or the DNA Prepaid application.

In case of a top up problem, please contact DNA Customer Care directly via tel. 044 144 044 or
DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
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