How to use the DNA Support Forum

Welcome to the DNA Support Forum! Here, you can ask questions from our customer consultants, as well as find help in already existing message threads. It is also possible for you to participate in discussions and give advice to other users.

Please note that the forum is public and your post can be read by anyone. For this reason, please avoid giving away your personal information.

If your enquiry requires you to provide personal details, it is usually easier and quicker to contact the Customer Care directly via phone 044 144 044 or email:

If you want to write a new post, start by writing a title in the text field at the top of the page. Write more information about your question or issue in the box underneath. Before pressing send, choose the appropriate category from the drop-down menu.

A few things worth thinking about before you write your post:

  • Make sure to choose a title that well describes the issue, so that other users can find the discussion later.

  • When you start writing the title, the search function simultaneously checks for other threads using the same words. If you click on the link that opens to the right, you will be redirected straight to the discussion thread about the subject. If the thread is fairly recent, it might be worth browsing through the discussion first in case your question has already been answered. If no relatively recent thread can be found on the same subject, create a new thread.

  • Try to describe your issue as clearly as possible, to ensure that we can address your issue quickly without having to ask for additional information. You may also add an attachment by clicking the paper clip in the bottom right corner of the text field.

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