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Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 H122-373 Firmware update

I didn't bought the router from DNA. So I could not have the latest FW version (H329SP3C182) by DNA OTA. I'm still using Woud you please help me to update the latest FW?

Thank you.


  • Hi!

    You can sign in to the settings page of the modem. The address for the settings page should be seen on the sticker on the bottom of the modem. Choose "More settings / or additional settings" and "updates". If there is a new update available , you should see it there and you should be able to run the update.

    If this answer wasn't helpful, you should contact the manufacturer, Huawei.  If you are using  a DNA SIM- card in this device, you can also try the DNA device support Fiksari for further device support 0600 305060  ( 2,33€/min + local call fee) and ask if they could help you out.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi
    Thank you for your reply. I have made the call. They said they could not help me with this. If I didn’t purchase the router from DNA then I could not get the latest FW even it’s the same type of router.

    1.Could you add me in the OTA support list if I provide my device seri number?
    2. Could I exchange the same type DNA router with mine own.

    Thank you.
  • Hi Chen

    sorry to hear that you didn´t get any help so far. We do not have any further device support here unfortunately, so I can only give you the advice you already got here above. 
    We are not able to add you to any list. If you would like a router from DNA , you would need to buy the new DNA router. I don't think the store will accept any other router in exchange.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • I need firmware for huawei -5g-cpe-pro-2-h122-373
  • Hi Gamal!

    In case you need a new firmware version, you can sign in to the settings page http://dna.mokkula or . User name is not needed and the password is 1234. Then choose the Updates (Päivitykset) tab, that you can find under Additional settings (Lisäasetukset) and follow the instructions there. More information:

    You can find information about updates here: . The newest version is and it was launched 11.10.2021.
    DNA Linda Customer Consultant
  • Hi

    I found a solution from Elisa. And they have solved the problem.
    Please check the link:

    If I send you my mac address and seri number could I have the same pushing update from DNA?

    Thank you.
  • Hello,

    if you didn't purchase the router from DNA, it doesn't have our custom software suite in it, which means we cannot push the update to your device.

    If you did in fact buy a DNA branded router, then please contact us on 0800 300 500 (preferably weekdays between 8-18), to see if this can be done.

    If it's just a standard router from Huawei, perhaps be in contact with them directly?
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
  • Go to More Functions > Manage Updates, and click Update Now to check whether new updates are available for your router. If new updates are available, perform ...I've managed to get the Profile Management screen to show up by manually deleting the '.hide' scope in the CSS, but nothing really is saved when ...Connect your phone to the router's Wi-Fi network. Open the AI Life App, touch the corresponding router to access the router management screen. Then go to Updates. Select whether you want to update automatically or perform a manual online update.


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