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If I buy a prepaid SIM card and put it in a router, is it possible to use the internet via cable?


So I was wondering if it is possible to buy a prepaid SIM card, put it in a router, and still manage to get internet when connecting the router to my computer using an ethernet cable.

The reason I need an ethernet cable connection is because I need the most stable and fastest connection possible.

Thank you.


  • It should be possible , do you already have the router ? U can try it with your existing simcard .
  • Thank you for your comment Sami.

    Currently I don't have a router, so that's why I can't test it.
    If I could get some confirmation that this would actually work, I would then buy a router.

  • Technically I don't see why it shouldn't work, the LTE router will access the internet then rout the data to all either net ports. You can even share the data from your smartphone using a USB cable like in this video

  • Hello Joni,

    we sell a product we call "Mokkula", which is a WiFi-modem/router meant for mobile (3G/4G) internet subscriptions (SIM-cards). You pop in your SIM-card and you can connect to the modem with your computer by using either the modem's built-in WiFi or by plugging it into your computer.

    We recommend you purchase our "Kotimokkula" (Home modem), that has regular LAN ports for connecting to a computer using via ethernet cable.

    We also offer a "Matkamokkula" (Travel modem) that has its own battery and can be connected directly to the USB-port of your computer. It also has WiFi.

    Please note that even if the connection between the modem and the computer is wired, the actual internet coming into the modem is mobile and is dependent on your location in relation to the nearest base station (if you have a phone subscription from us, it should give an indication on how well the network works in your particular home).

    Please note, that if you ever need a public IP, you will need to use a postpaid internet subscription or our Data Prepaid (not a phone subscription).

    Please see our products here:
    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant
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