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iMessage activation


Recently I have purchased Prepaid SIM card for my wife. Everything works perfect except of activation of iMessage service on iPhone. I have contacted Apple support regarding this issue, they checked everything and suggested me contact carrier support to find out whether there are some limitations for receiving SMS. I must say that my wife is able to receive SMS as well as I am.
I also have DNA SIM card, but it was prvided me by my company. I activated iMessage on March this year and had had no problems since then before I decided to turn on/off iMessage on my iphone yesterday. Just wanted to check activation on the other phone with the other SIM card. I turned it off and then turned it on and suddenly noticed that I'm not able to get my iMessage activated again with the phone number it had been activated and working. I have performed hard reset, set my phone up as new but still am experiencing problems with activation. So now I have 2 devices waiting for iMessage activation.
Everytime I reboot any of iPhone it tries to activate iCloud and sends SMS in the background. It's no problem for me, but it's a problem on a Prpaid option due to a sending SMS abroad. Every reboot my wife gets money written off for this activation SMS.
I was at DNA office and they geve me test SIM card, but I wasn't able to activate iMessage even with test SIM card.
Could you tell me if there are any issues with that? I thought it was related only to a Prepaid SIM before I decided to turn off my working iMessage.


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