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Invalid SIM


I bought a DNA SIM card a month ago, inserted it into my iPhone 6s plus and it worked well for a month. But recently, sometimes when I go outside, my phone suddenly says “Invalid SIM”, “SIM not installed” or “ your iPhone is not activated” (even though it is). I have to restart my phone so many times so it can return to normal but sometimes it takes me even 10 minutes to restart and I really don’t like it 🙁 Please help.

Best Regards,
Thanh Tien


  • Hello,

    that doesn't sound like it's working properly. The problem is either the phone itself or the SIM-card.

    For troubleshooting the problem, you could eg. ask a friend to borrow their SIM-card for a moment and see if the phone reacts the same way.

    If you have a postpaid number and want a new SIM-card, please contact Customer care on 044 144 044, visit your closest DNA Kauppa or order a new SIM via the self-service portal Minun Palveluni:

    If you want to exchange the SIM-card of an existing Prepaid subscription, you need to first register your Prepaid number. By registering you can keep the same phone number and your current balance. See more here:


    DNA Linda L Customer Consultant

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