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I am coming from japan. 2017, I bought DNA WLAN-Mokkula. Sep 2018, I will travel Finland(5 days) St.Peteruburg 4days and Italy 7days. I will bring iPhone8 and iPad(wifi model).
Question1. Can I use SuperPrepaid card for Mokkula ? because your Data SIM is valid in Finland only. I want to use at least Finland and Italy. If Super Prepaid card can use for Mokkula, I will be able to internet at Italy.
Question2. Do you have bigger size of Super Prepaid card ?

I will come to Helsinki on 10Sep. Along your advices, I will buy card at airport.



  • Hi Kimio,

    DNA Super Prepaid works in other countries as well. Just make sure to top it up with more ordinary balance before you leave Finland. It is possible to top up a DNA Super Prepaid card at the page with a Mastercard or Visa card issued in some European country, but if you don´t have that you can buy a top-up voucher from R-kioski as well.

    You can read this page before traveling to Italy: . Here you can see, that mobile data in Italy will cost you 0,0057 eur/mb in European countries and phonecalls are charged according to the domestic tariff. The 0,99 euros mobile data daily fee will always be charged every day as well, if you don´t order a data package to your Super Prepaid.  
    If you on the other hand for instance buy the Tehonetti 50M package, you can use up to 2680 mb with the EU baseline fee 0,0057 euros / mb and when 2680 mb has exceeded, EU surcharge 0,0074 eur/ mb will be applied. If you have a valid datapackage, the mobile data daily fee of 0,99 euros / day will not be charged.

    You can use the DNA Super Prepaid in phones, tablets and routers.Please note that the dataroaming limit per month is 60 euros though, so internet will stop working if the data roaming limit of 60 euros exceeds.

    Charge for using mobile data in Russia is 0,059 euros / mb. You can find the international pricelist here ( prices outside EU) , just write Venäjä ( = Russia) in the empty field and you'll see the prices.

    The DNA Super Prepaid card is a tripple card so it'll already have the nano, micro and the biggest card.

    I hope you'll enjoy your stay in Finland!

    DNA Linda Customer Consultant

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